16 and Pregnant--MTV Reality Show

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  1. I was wondering if anyone else had seen any episodes of this show? I think it is a really good show for teens to watch, especially to show them how hard it is to have a baby. Anyone else have any thoughts? :biggrin:

    Here is an overview of the show:
    The six-part series chronicles the lives of six teenage girls for five months, as they endure the trials and tribulations of being young expecting mothers. Each one-hour episode looks up close and personal at intimate moments the teenage mothers and fathers experience in real time, including some of the births. And new parenthood isn’t the only issue put under the microscope. The show explores a number of delicate subjects for young parents including finances, education, marriage and adoption.
    In addition to the docu-series, MTV and the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy are providing educators and organizations with viewing guides for each episode. The network and the campaign leaders are communicating with health and sex education workers throughout the country to endorse the show and its message.
  2. I saw the commercial for this and it looks pretty interesting. I think it starts next week? There is an awful part on the preview where the girl is sitting on the couch and her infant is rolling around on another couch and she won't even look at the baby and seems like she couldn't care less that she left it there!
  3. I watched all but the last one and I've loved them. I'm twice the age of these girls and it has me thinking twice.
  4. Its already been shown? We are just getting it now on MTV Canada! Thankfully all the other shows like The Hill and Real World are aired at the same time!

    Do you guys remember that show Engaged and Underaged? That was a good one too! And the X-Effect which i find pretty phony but addicting!
  5. Oooh, I loved Engaged and Underage. This show is good too. It makes you think twice about having babies at a young age.
  6. i've watched them all so far, i couldn't stand that girl Farrah's mother
  7. ^^^Oooh yeah, her mother was the worst.

    I also thought the one girl who had the baby named Bentley, had the worst boyfriend ever.
  8. Farrah's friends were rude imo..
  9. I agree, and she let her bf just go out with his friends while she is stuck watching the baby and trying to do homework at the same time...not gonna fly with me :P
  10. I have a love-hate relationship with this show. Can't stand some of the drama, crying about wanting to keep the baby. Babies have no business having babies.
  11. I am 15, and I've acctually watched the majority of the episodes. Deffinantly makes me not want a child until I'm older, and to see some of the guys these girls are with! Gosh, makes me wonder what kind of standards they have, if any at all.
  12. I watched a couple of episodes while doing laundry.

    Firstly, I have to admit that I laughed at the premise of it. 16 and pregnant? Geesh.

    But I changed my mind after watching it. I can't believe how naive some of these girls are. And their parents are a whole different story.

    The girls almost always start off as a little nervous, scared, but optimistic. they have these dreams, buying the father of their baby, going to college...then the baby arrives and their lives changes.

    I also notice that the gals are almost always stuck with the babies while their bfs resume their partying. It makes me really sad.

    Parenthood is a challenge and more so when you are underage, single, and struggling.
  13. That little couple on the finale just broke my heart. Which is a weird way to put it, when what I mean to say is that those kids, at 16, had more sense and maturity and more of a clue about what love is than their parents are probably going to ever have.

    With most of the kids on these shows, you come away feeling like you can take no bets on what kind of future they will have, or worse, you can tell with tragic, thudding clarity exactly what kind of future they will have, but with the little Michigan couple, I felt the opposite - and I would bet that if MTV wants to go see them again in 10 years, they will find them out of school, making and enjoying for themselves the same "better life" that they wanted for their baby.

    And of course, as a hopeless romantic, I really hope that they will turn out to be the love of each others' lives when they are 82 just as they were at 12.

    Best time package the Trojan condom people ever bought!
  14. I totally agree with you. I got a little teary during this episode, which I haven't in the others. I just found this couple to be incredibly mature, in love and really in it for the long-haul (and because they truly want to be, and not just because of circumstance)...which is really amazing considering what they have just been through. I can't imagine how hard it must be to give away a child that you conceived with someone who you want to have a child with...but can't handle it now. Plus all those hormones...a very, very mature girl.

    While I found some of the other couples to be a little bratty and entitled, these two had none of that. They may be the most capable of raising their child, and yet were smart enough to know that they weren't ready and were strong enough to give their baby to another couple...and a couple who seemed very much able to provide for the child, both emotionally and financially.

    I really hope this couple is able to accomplish all their dreams together.
  15. I watched this show when there was nothing else on, and I actually really started to enjoy it! It does show how hard it can be to have a baby. Yes, Farrah's mom was bad. I liked Farrah though, for some reason. I thought she was really pretty. I haven't seen the newest episode yet