16,000 posts....................

  1. Wow! This crept up on me!
    So glad to be a part of this great community :happydance:
  2. Wow! Congratulations!
  3. :woohoo: :party:
  4. woo hooooooooooo now that's a lotta postin'!! Keep it up and cheers to you!!
  5. Wow! Awesome! Congrats!:smile:
  6. You talk too much, woman! :p

    Just kidding Roz! Do you think if you didn't log on for a year, I'd be able to catchup??? Doubt it!:choochoo:
  7. Cripes Roz!!! lol!

  8. Go Roz go LOL!!!! Congrats ....this is an easy place to rack up those posts!!!
  9. Wow, that's great! Congrats.
  10. Thanks all :heart:

    Lean what's keeping you? Get posting :roflmfao:
  11. Wow - 16000 Congrats and I would just like to say some amazingly insightful and thought provoking posts at that (especially in the Maddy thread). Thanks for keeping us updated with all the developments.
  12. ^^^^

    Thanks so much riff :heart:
  13. Congrats to you! :smile: Thanks for being such a great member!
  14. Whoaa! Congrats. The forum is creepily addictive, isn't it?
  15. WoW! Woohoo! Congratulations!