$16,000 Croc Edith

  1. ebay item number 6861376974. um...if i'm going to spend $16000, I'd at least like a picture, please!

    does anyone know what the retail for the croc edith is? I would love to see a picture!
  2. I think the retail was around $12,400...NM and BG both had one the last time I checked.
  3. I've seen pics of the croc paddy (so beautiful!), but not the croc edith. If anyone has one, please post it!
  4. My bad...I thought you were looking for the Paddy in croc! I have heard there would be a croc Edith, but have not actually seen one yet. Sorry!:shame:
  5. You are so sweet! no need to apologize! :biggrin:

    the croc paddy is such a beauty, I'm just dying to see a croc edith!