15th August...

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  1. .... can't wait. Will I like it when it arrives?

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  2. wow it looks beautiful!
  3. Lol I'm quite intrigued. I'm also quite tempted to go down to the boutique just to see the whole collection. However I do think a lot of it will be waitlisted. I just want the belt or the iPhone case :P!
  4. Love the graphite color...just not feelin' the handle covers, reminds me of those knitted handle covers for the speedy.
  5. Only the limited edition pieces come with them anyway - and at a large markup :s
  6. I'm also waiting too. I want the Graphite Tadao so much. Tick tack - tick tack
  7. That is stunning!
  8. And it's out before the reported price increase on the 19th. Woot woot!
  9. :yes:
    It looks great - I have not seen that before:tup:
  10. i can't wait either. but their release is pushed back to the end of August here. but what's a couple more weeks right?

    except for the runway pieces i.e. the ones with the white handle covers, Damier Graphite will be part of the permanent collection just like Damier Azur. that includes the Tadao :yes:
  11. Most of the pieces are going to be permanent. Besides, men's line takes a lot longer to deplete than women's. :P
  12. love the Graphite
  13. ^^^Ditto!
  14. I know the hubby and I will be going to see it!! He loves it and I get a chance to see my favorite SA and look at bags/accessorries!! It looks great!
  15. aargh...can't wait too. i just came from LV HK and Macau and they are not releasing it until the 15th. one of the SAs in HK canton road branch didn't even know the graphite. i had to explain to her and she asked her fellow SA...tsk tsk.

    dreaming of tadao...