15K pounds for a cocktail drink

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  1. #1 Feb 9, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 21, 2010
    Would you want anyone to give you something like this:

    xxxxxx stop linking to your blog.

    (secretly, i would be thrilled to receive one.. teeeeheee)
  2. Sounds heavy. Good for building arm muscles.
  3. It is basically a cocktail with some sort of jewelry. It seems like such a cheap trick to use.
  4. But the rock weighs xxx carrot! :P
  5. true true.. its not the drink thats expensive.. its the jewelry. ahaahha.. then i can sell an ice cream scoop at a high cost and just put a ring in it hehehe
  6. haha :yahoo:
  7. It seems like the only time this drink would ever be ordered would be if a celebrity wanted some press ('xxxx's outrageous night out - orders 15k cocktail!!') or if some extremely wealthy guy wanted to propose to his lady in a fairly OTT way.
  8. hahahah.. now that's when a girl cant SAY NO anymore.. hehe
  9. i cant seem to find more pictures of this drink.. really curious hehe
  10. i'd accept that cocktail with open arms.
    i want to see a better picture of it too!
    i clicked on the small picture and looked at the article about the 15 most expensive..
    all of them (from perfume to chocolate to teddy bear) are so ugly. :S
  11. not everything expensive is necessarily pretty.. sad but true.. boo! :sad:
  12. ooo it sounds pretty!
  13. yes this drink sounds very pretty, and when given to you, seems very romantic, rite?
  14. cool thing