~~~~~150k White Solid Gold Clutch ~~~

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  1. i post this photo because i though everyone would like to have a look at this :heart:

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  2. Woah, pretty! But what a price tag...
  3. WOW. :nuts:
  4. eek! ive seen clutches better looking than that for $210
  5. That clutch is a bit too expensive for me! Ha! Ha! I would rather pay off my mortgage than spend that much money on a solid gold clutch! (Wish I had that type of money to spend!)
  6. It's actually 250K, and it was announced the same year the Miroir was announced, so 2006.
  7. ^yup, I don't remember the exact price, but it was over 200 K
  8. i'd get the headphone bag instead :shame:
  9. That is so goregous!

    I saw a vintage sterling silver clutch that was about that size, butnot as full and more ornamented that was great as well. As dressy clutches these metal works are great. (BTW that sterling silver one was about 250$)
  10. Wow it looks like it is solid enough to be a murder weapon! :upsidedown:
  11. [​IMG]

    I think someone posted a picture of the gold one from the Canton store opening ?
  12. id rather buy a bentley =) lol..
  13. ^ Of course those who can afford getting a clutch like this probably has a couple of Bentleys already...lol

  14. LOL.. So true, so true :lol:
  15. I rather put 200K on a down payment for a rental property. It will appreciate much much more.