150k White Solid Gold Clutch

  1. I am new here on the forum. Nice to meet everyone.

    So... I am a frequent shopper at Louis Vuitton, so I had a chance to look at the upcoming items avaliable for Fall/Winter 2006, and I noticed a solid white gold monogram clutch for $150,000. Also, there is also bag that has headphones as the handle (I think you see it on the runway for the women's show), the handle are actual headphones dunked into solid gold. How do you feel about LV trying to sell these extremely high priced pieces? Do you think they profit from this or is this more of a publicity thing?
  2. I'm sure it's both! They get publicity and someone eventually will buy it and use it. Maybe Paris Hilton?
  3. I think they're just quirky pieces that they come out with. They don't actually make a bunch and put them in the store to try to sell to average customers; they just put the pictures in the book and as an example, with the white gold monogram clutch (which also has diamonds in it), let people order it if they want. They may produce one or two to let celebrities borrow for events, but otherwise, they're just special order for those who are interested, especially since you have to pay a percentage as a down payment for these items.
    I think they know they won't get TOO much interest so they're fairly one of a kind and unless you're a Kimora Lee, you won't be buying it.
    I like them, they're kind of like the "artwork" of the LV collection.
  4. I saw a photo of the clutch. Apparently they're only making 2 for the entire US. So I'm sure it's one of those "celebrity" or "high-end" LV shopper!
  5. Is there a photo of this clutch?
  6. Isn't that clutch weight like 20lb?
  7. hmm i would love to see the pictures!!
  8. Nuh...she will get the fake one LOL:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  9. HAHAHAHA! I was thinking the same thing! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. Anyone have pics of the one with the headphones?

    I am SO interested...it seems so interestng and original!
  11. I wish I could find a picture of the clutch..I know what it looks like since I've seen pictures before but I can't find any now. Anyway, it's about the size (I think) of the PTI wallet, about the same thickness, and is solid white gold with diamonds in the LV pattern. That one is 250k.
    Here is a picture of the headphone bag though:
  12. Lvbabydoll I LOVE YOU! Thanks so much for the photo!

    I adore that bag? I guess its not out yet, anyone know when i can go in for one or order one?
  13. Wow, thats outrageous, that clutch must weight a ton! haha, well i thik its not for sale in the sroes, just to admire it in pics or underneath a window haha! I dind´t liked the bag, I´d have to see the clutch as well... anyway If I were able to afford it I would´nt pay taht money, I would buy a car instead... more usefull and its harder to be stolen ha!
  14. No problem! I don't know the exact price but I know it's over 10k. But you can go into LV and have them put your name down on the interest list for when it comes out. It's going to be one of those super limited runway pieces.
  15. It's Gorgeous......I Want To See The Solid Gold Piece!!!!