150k Louis Vuitton.........hahahahaha

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  1. I just saw this post somewhere else, but couldn't find it here.Sorry if it's a re-post :sad:

    This is unbelivable!!!!!:tdown:

    150k LV
  2. me no likey :yucky:
  3. ewww
  4. hmmm, nope ... not liking it either.
  5. Is this for real? The ad says "Louie Vuitton".
  6. that must be a spoof/joke
  7. Rofl no way is that real, last time I checked, Louis Vuitton didn't make handbags out of used band-aids, sweet 'n low packets and water bottles. :biggrin: It's funny though
  8. HAHA. I think thats hilarious.
  9. Haha. Looks like someone had a load of fun with Photoshop. Hilarious!
  10. I thought it was a spoof but some of those girls were taking it seriously so I got confused. I don't see how it could be a real bag.
  11. They didnt even spell Louis right, lol.
  12. OMG!!! I didn't even look close enough. I guess they're making fun of her.
  13. I think it's real. I've seen some legitimate articles about it a couple of weeks ago, but haven't seen the photos until I came across it now.OMG!
  14. Pretty clearly satire. But lol at the people on that board thinking it's real. Come on.
  15. Thanks for pointing it out I havent noticed before.