1500 to spare and a billion things to choose from, help! ;)


Apr 12, 2006
I have about 1500 dollar to buy myself some nice things. I am incredible indecicive, always!

I have:
mono pochette + extender
Mono speedy 25
Damier Speedy 30

I would like

Mono speedy 30, i have no idea why but i love it so much!

Epi pochette, it's nice to have for formal events, i would like the gold hardware but i'm not fond of buying second hand louis , don't no why i'm nuts

Cabas Piano, it would be nice to have a smaller shoulder bag, hate the bottom.

multicolor Pricilla, i love this but i don't know if it's me, i'm really the non flashy type. I also won't be able to wear it alot because of the weather.

Manhattan pm, love this, wonder how much it fits. I'm affraid it wont be in style for long

A small agedanda, i don't like the medium ones. But i don't know if it's big enough. I throw things in my cheap school bag, not sure if it's good for this baby

mono Pochette Wallet, i love this wallet. I have an Gucci wallet wich i a little to small for me and a little broken. Don't know if it will fit my passport and other junk.

Then there are the shoes.... I have a pair of chestnut classic tall ugg's that are quite trashed. I will receive classic short sands soon but i would like a new pair of chestnuts also.

Then is saw this Dubarry boots that my uncle sellls in his sailing store. They cost 440 dollars but i like them, what do you think?

I'm sorry guys :sweatdrop: please help! What would you buy


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I think something in epi or MC would round out your collection some. I believe if you call around you can still find epi with gold hardware. The priscilla is lovely and I don't think it's too flashy at all. I agree about it not being all season (at least for me, where I live IMO).
If you want mono, and don't want vachetta, how about the Popincourt Haut. A bit smaller than the Cabas Piano, but shoulder bag and the girls that own it seem to love it.
I'm also into the Noe style now, so this is another shoulder bag option for you and even the petit version holds tons!
Oh, and I have the Manhattan PM, thinkit holds plenty and sure hope it does not go out of style any time soon bc I just got it!:nuts:
Good luck and happy shopping!:biggrin:
i think the manhattan pm is a nice choice. if you want a wallet maybe a zippy wallet like the zippy groom- it's actually a passport wallet/ organzizer. it's big but i have it and i LOVE it! you could always do a combo like a wallet, agenda and maybe a cles....

oh an imo chestnut uggs are a must! if you can find them
An epi pochette does go for terribly cheap second hand (if you find one in great condition maybe you can ignore it's second hand-ness?), and it would leave you with the more options to get both a speedy and new boots so you could have a lot of satisfying purchases instead of just one. :yes: