$1500 down the DRain? HELP! (updated on page 19)

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  1. #1 Feb 2, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 7, 2010
    I've posted another thread urging buyers to beware, but I am wondering what recourse I have for this situation:

    I bought a bag from a seller and she put it on lay-a-way for me. I paid $500 via PayPal and two additional $500 payments via money order over the course of 3 months. I trusted her because of her rating...

    Since I was outside the 30 day window, I didnt think it was possible to file a dispute for not receiving the bag. When I finally received the bag, I didnt need it so I tried to re-list on EBay.

    I was contacted by another seller and told the bag was a fake. Got the bag authenticated, and sure enough - it was a fake.

    What recourse do I have as a buyer? The seller has said she will NOT refund my money.

  2. How did you pay through Paypal? Was it with yout checking account/debit or with a credit card?

    If cc, I would call them & explain, and see if you can dispute the charge... and next time make sure to authenticate here before buying!

    ^^ETA: not trying to lecture you... everyone's been there before! Fake sellers are getting more & more shady these days!
  3. ^^^Also, have you tried contacting Paypal?
    How long has it been since your last payment? Maybe you can dispute related to that last payment, and call Paypal and explain that you had a layaway agreement, and did not actually receive the item until 90 days after the sale date? I'd also call eBay and see what they can do... make sure to explain the layaway issue.
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    Thanks for the response kells1983. This is going to sound silly but the agreement began in December 2007.

    I made the payments in Jan2008 (PayPal) / Feb2008 (Money Order) / Mar 2008 (Money Order).

    Contacted and contacted finally gave up.

    Received the bag in November 2009.

    Didnt need it, so gave tried to sell it on EBay Jan 2010. Learned it was a fake then.

    The seller has +3000 ratings, and is a bag reseller. But the bag is a Special Order so I dont think she was able to distinguish it from fake...

    I dont think I would be so mad if it took soo long for her to send the bag, then she sends a fake. I put it on EBay and was humiliated when it proved such.
  5. OMG! So sorry this happened to you OP! I cannot believe that the seller waited soo many months before shipping a bag to you! That is terrible on her part! Well its against the rules to sell a fake on ebay so maybe PP can do something for you. I would called them and see what they say...they might request a letter from caroldiva.com for proof.
  6. This is what she/he said to me:

    We don't cheat, we don't lie and we don't sell fake goods; MANY of our items are authenticated and proven authentic; READ TEH FEEDBACK STATING SO. We are reputable, consistent, trustowrthy and I won't let you infer differently. God luck to you. Regards,


    I am sorry that you are having this issue, however, we do not sell fake goods of any kind, period. Moreover, it is impossible for me to even remember the specific item...as a seller, how do I know the item in question is the item I sold you? How do you prove that to me? What is the condition? How much time has passed? Unfortunately, there will be no refund - we do not sell fake goods and if we sold you a designer item, rest assured it is authentic. Regards,

    Do you think a PayPal response would be favourable despite the time lapse? There would have been nothing else I could do to determine the bag was not authentic, as she/he didnt send it until nearly 2 years later.
  7. I am so sorry about this problem.
    What brand of the bag? Where did you have it authenticated?
  8. I saw a bag a seller was selling and I emailed them and told them the bag was fake and they told me that they had to check with their supplier, LOL and I reported to Ebay and I contacted 3 of his buyers and 2 didnt' care and 1 did and she had bought her bag about 2 months prior and it took her a while but paypal did refund her money even after she left positive feedback. I love Ebay but you can't depend soley on feedback because some buyers don't take their bags to be authenticated. #1 Rule on Ebay, go straight from your mailbox or post office to Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel or whatever store and get the bag authenticated. I do it even when I'm know I'm holding a real bag, ITS CALLED PIECE OF MIND!!! Good Luck!!!
  9. The thing that is going to hurt you is that you paid in split payments, in order to be protected by Ebay or Paypal, has to be 1 payment, through paypal, if you had not done that, you would probably be ok.
  10. What you paid for a bag in 2008 and didn't get it until end 2009, are you kidding me, please don't ever split up payments ever, you will not be protected AT ALL!!!! I sell and buy on Ebay all the time, what is the seller's seller id???
  11. The bag was a Louis Vuitton. I didnt have it authenticated. I thought it was real at first. Then I put it on EBay and another seller contacted me and told me it was fake. I thought I had an eye to spot it. The telltale sign should have been in the datecode. (Factory of production was "DP" which doesnt exist.)
  12. I would not trust any SA at Louis Vuitton to authenticate my bag. Most of them have no training or knowledge at all when it comes to authentication.
  13. I had it authenticated (here)...
  14. Yeah...I'd trust the Fab Four here over any SA. Sorry to hear of your troubles.....can you say who the seller is or post the auction link?
  15. Id be delighted. The seller is Authentic.LV

    (on EBay)