1500 dollars and ONE bag.

  1. If you had 1500 dollars to spend on a bag
    which one would you choose and why?
  2. A chloe Silverado doctor bag... just b/c i'm sooo in love w/ it.
  3. I just purchased an LV Duomo.
  4. I'd get the Marc Jacobs Quilted Elise because it's sooo GORGEOUS!!! It's so pretty and feminie! I love the shape and the new topaz color and everything about it! I just got a petrol small multi-pocket and now I wish I would have gotten the Elise....if only I knew...

    And it's only $1050 so save the $300 and get a mid-price bag to! :yahoo:
  5. Hi Hannah! I would think of what I would want and currently do not have in a bag: consider size, particular color, leather, inner and outer details (hardware, pockets, lining, etc.), care involved, etc.

    For instance, the other day, I fell in love with a red, leather with python trim, Jimmy Choo Ramona at Nordstrom. :love:
  6. another balenciaga weekender... :drool:
  7. Goyard Jeanne :love:
  8. I'd get a Balenciaga Work
    or maybe a black classic Chanel with silver hardware..
  9. Marc Jacobs Stam. I want it so badly, but I don't think that I'll ever be able to get it. :cry:
  10. A Lanvin in a nice bright color.
  11. LV Damier sporty bag for sure
  12. probably the Celine Bittersweet or the Loewe Napa Aire
  13. Another Shalon 360
  14. a chanel classic lambskin flap. or the other chanel bag i want that i don't know the name of.
  15. i wanna retract my own statement. i wasn't thinking clearly 1.5 hours ago..haha

    a Bottega Veneta Compana (smaller size) cuz i've been dying to get one for the past 2 yrs......