$150 ~ Start a Pandora bracelet or buy a piece of Tiffany?

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  1. My husband and I spend about $150 on each other for Christmas gifts. Since I'm new to the jewelry craze after researching my anniversary ring and finding this forum, I don't have much in the way of jewelry. So I'm already thinking ahead to Christmas.

    $150 wouldn't get me too far on a Pandora bracelet, but there is an upcoming sale at a store near me where if you purchase $50 you can get a lobster clasp sterling starter bracelet free, or the "Pandora" clasp sterling for $15. So, with the sale, I could get lobster clasp and 4-5 beads.

    Or a Tiffany piece of sterling jewelry.

    Arguments for Pandora - beautiful, "In style," can have meaningful charms. Arguments against Pandora - will someday be "out of style," very pricey to complete a bracelet.

    Arguments for Tiffany - "DUH" it's Tiffany! Always classic, fun just to think of owning some. Arguments against Tiffany - I think it's WAY overpriced. You are paying for the name and romance of owning some.

    I was drooling over Pandora today at the mall, but I walked away.

    Honestly, I'm leaning towards Tiffany. I mean how fun would it be for us to go out to lunch or dinner and then go to Tiffany and pick a piece? Even if it's cheap. So much more romantic than going to the mall and buying Pandora.

    I think I just answered my question...LOL
  2. Yeah I think you have.I don't think you could go wrong.In your heart you'd always know the meaning behind your Pandora and you don't see those bracelets every day IMO and the other hand Tiffany is classic.I wish I could tell you to go for both darn,lol.
  3. I would go for Pandora, it is much more meaningful and you and your husband can fill it together. I was wondering though which state is your store in and how did you find out about the promotion? I am looking to start a bracelet as well and this sale would be great!
  4. Wow ... tough decision! I do have some Tiffany pieces but I just recently started my first Pandora bracelet. I really do love both but the Pandora bracelet would definitely be more unique and meaningful. It's also very addicting (those beads can really add up)! LOL I vote for Pandora!:graucho:
  5. i have both tiffany and pandora.
    i go for pandora, as asl_bebes said, it is very addicting, meaningful and unique!
    i don't think you will regret it!
    plus! you can both go and pick out charms :smile:
  6. Tiffany's.

    I personally don't get the Pandora bracelets.
  7. What piece were you looking at from Tiffany's? Pandora is nice, but I do agree, it is rather trendy.
  8. I think the you can keep the Pandora style bracelet as a classic bead type bracelet.
    I have the trollbead bracelet, and I believe Trollbead has been in business since the 70s.
    It is fun to build the bracelet and can be addictive!

    But a Tiffany piece is always fun too! Are you leaning towards ring, earrings, pendant?
  9. I'm not sure, Antique Shopper. Probably a Return to Tiffanys or 1837 bracelet or pendant.

    rengb6, the Pandora store was in Kansas, and the store employee told me. She said she wasn't supposed to tell in advance, but I assume they say that to everyone, in order to get them to return, LOL. It's a very tempting deal.
  10. Pandora.

    I have tons of tiffany and pandora. The pandora are well made, fun and worth the money IMO.

    Tiffany is overrated i feel.
  11. Tiffanys! Theres plenty for $150 or even less and its timeless and the customer service and quality are amazing!!
  12. Great thread OP. I love Tiffany & Co and have but 2 pieces and thinking of starting with Pandora cuz I saw one of DS's therapists wearing one. She had like 4 or 5 charms on it and it looked great like that.
  13. Definitely Tiffany's, but I wouldn't go for a Return to Tiffany's.

    Last time I was at Tiffany's and I couldn't decide what to get the clerk told me that it was too immature/trendy and I'm only 17. I'm guessing you're much older than that :P

    So maybe an Elsa Peretti heart, starfish, etc?
  14. I have both Tiffany & Pandora. I think Tiffany is crazy overpriced for what you get, but hey, I wear my necklace & bracelet with pride.

    That being said, I wear my Pandora a LOT more. I'm finishing my second and third bracelets now. IMO, Pandora teaches you to accept the bracelets are still beautiful while in process. Charms for birthdays, special occasions, and always good when someone doesn't know what to buy for you too. I say do the Tiffany now, and get a bare Pandora bracelet later and build it up.
  15. I think Tiffany is overpriced and you see so many pieces, both real and knockoffs that I don't find them to be that special anymore. DH was going to buy me a silver key for my birthday, but I was so underwhelmed with the quality considering the price, that we ended up picking out a large sterling key from Lagos instead.

    I have two Pandora bracelets in sterling and sterling/gold beads and have worn both of them everyday for going on 3 years. They really make me happy and I love rearranging them and adding new beads to commemorate special events. I would definitely go with the Pandora.