$150 Receipt!!!?

  1. I reported the listing, I can't believe someone bid on it!
  2. Ugh, I agree. I've reported the item to eBay, hopefully they'll take down the auction before it ends.
  3. wow. the resale of those bags must be more than what I thought..
  4. I thought maybe something could be done about this. Im reporting it too.
  5. UGH. I can't believe someone would BID on that! CRAZY!
  6. UGH, reported as well.
  7. WOW. Can you believe the nerve some people have?? :amazed:
  8. Reported!!!!
  9. are they serious???:wtf:
  10. reported.
  11. God... this is so much for a piece of paper.. I can't imagining anyone actually purchase it!
  12. Those people are sooooo low! I wonder if eBay will anything since it doesn't seem violate their rules, does it???
  13. Well at least nobody is bidding on it.:tup:
  14. Ugh, so blatant and dishonest :tdown: