15 Year-Old Kira, Takes On The Fashion World , Helped By Multimillionaire Daddy !

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    Kira is the chief designer of the Kira Palestinina fashion chain

    Kira's clothing is popular with Russia's middle-class

    A shy Kira waves to the Italian fashion pack. The 15-year-old has stores opening in New York this March.

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  3. She may only be 15 and still in school, but fashion designer Kira Plastinina is fast becoming one of Russia's most famous faces. Her Spring/Summer 2008 collection was showcased today at Rome Fashion Week with flouncy flirty frocks and black skintight numbers.

    The youngster has 40 shops selling her clothes aimed at girly teens in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan and her style has been billed as the Slavic answer to Topshop and H&M.

    Kira's first American store is due to open in New York in March and ten other stores are slated to open in Manhattan and Los Angeles. She is also the official designer for the reality TV show Star Factory, Russia's version of Fame Academy and has a best-selling perfume. Of course it helps that Kira's father is Sergei Plastinin, a co-founder of one of Russia's biggest dairy and juice companies and worth an estimated £175m. Her father invested £50m into the clothing chain and reportedly even paid Paris Hilton £1m to sit in the front row of the teenager's latest fashion show in Moscow

    The company and Kira Plastinina brand were founded by Sergei but the young and glamorous Kira has insisted she is behind all the designs and is named as 'chief designer.'
    "I'm always coming to work, and my thoughts are constantly absorbed in work. I always think about work, day and night. Sometimes I even draw designs in school," she said. Kira took a turn on the catwalk at the end of the show in a short red checked dress and shyly waved and smiled to the audience. She will be one to watch for the future.
  4. I can't believe no one had a problem with a 15 year old designing and producing the one on the right:


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  5. She didn't, Claire, that was an Eric Glennie original!
  6. wow, money really does buy you anything. including "talent". :rolleyes: how lame.
  7. What is up with all these people stealing EG's designs?? Ridiculous!
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  9. Clearly he is the steward behind all fashion genius in the world. I am so glad we are now enlightened...I feel like I was in Plato's cave before!
  10. Now that you mention it, it does resemble those pantaloon jeans! It's like the same thing, only in reverse :hrmm:

    INDUBITABLY! This is an outrage! :hs:
  11. Amen!

  12. Her logo looks very much like Cynthia Rowley's.
  13. Ah ! I remember the Paris Hilton being paid to sit there thing.. this is pretty silly.
  14. it reminds me very much of the chanel s/s 2007 ! kinda blah and not my kind of thing