15 Year-Old Boy, Performs C-section

  1. OMG! This is beyond belief!
  2. OMG! WOW, that's amazing! That boy must be a genius! But to tell the truth I wouldn't want a 15 year old performing surgery on me anywhere LOL!
  3. I know his parents (Dr's) were both present & completely qualified... but still... This was about setting a world record... Too risky for me !
  4. Holy crap that was incredibly stupid and dangerou! A 15 year old does not have the years of education and training that a real surgeon does. They're damn lucky he didn't cut anything that shouldn't have been cut.

    They should be stripped on their medical licenses. What horrifically poor judgment!
  5. Holy cow...I don't know what medical standards they have there but in my country people like that wouldn't just be stripped of their licenses, they'd be arrested by the police, tried and jailed and most likely told by the state to pay damages to the patient!!
  6. Yikes! A record is that important to them? What poor judgment. I wonder if the woman who had it performed knew ahead of time?
  7. WTF! This dad should lose all medical credentials and Guiness should not consider the record. Hell in a handbasket, wtf (again!)?
  8. Patients life & babies life way too precious to risk a world record on they should be struck off for life!
  9. Uh...impressive, but the risk and danger is entirely neccessary!!!
  10. Due to the dangerous nature of surgery, there's the possibility that Guiness might not accept it. I don't if anyone else recalls this, but Guiness stopped accepting attempts for the "youngest pilot" record after the last attempt resulted in a crash that killed the child pilot and her instructor. I think it's appalling that two doctors did this to get their son in a record book.
  11. Whoah!
  12. His parents are too selfish.
  13. I read this yesterday....It's sad that his parents are so careless and stupid to allow their child to do something like this. Who cares if he has been "trained" for a few years - he still doesn't nkow what the hell he's doing!!
  14. Looks like his family has watched too many "Dougie Houser" reruns!