15% off with free shipping. Will you keep?

  1. Need all of your help to decide!!!

    I have gotten a jumbo flap with new chain from a Chanel Boutique from the States. But the hologram sticker was nowhere to be found inside/outside the bag when I opened the package to check everything. :crybaby:

    I have talked to the SA and after confirming the sticker was really not in the bag, their store offer me a return and refund or keeping the bag with 15% off and free shipping. What would you do? Keep or return? :sad:
  2. I would keep it ;)
    But if you feel icky about it, you should return it.
  3. If this is the bag you want and you have no intention of reselling it, I would keep it and get 15% off. I would also ask them to wright a letter stating that the sticker is missing. At least better than nothing,
  4. That's weird. But I thought that Chanel has a policy that they don't discount any bags b/c of defects????
  5. i would return it for sure.

    the sticker is there to provide it authencity, even if the discount is tempting but i would not pay for a bag that is not perfect especially with the price tag.
  6. Absolutely agree!Don't keep it something stinks in here!:nogood:
  7. Do you have the authenticity card?

    On the lid of the box does it have a bar code with a number underneath it? If so, that should match the no. on the authenticity card. (Sometimes purses are shipped in a generic box that has no pic, style no or bar code w/no.)

    In the absense of the bar code matching the authenticity car, ask for a letter, keep it with the receipt, take the discount and smile, you just got a discount.

    Just because the bag is minus the sticker doesn't mean Chanel will not service the bag. They know real from fake. Should you ever decide to resell the bag, you have the receipt and perhaps any of the above-mentioned documentation.
  8. I would keep the bag, take the discount. But do ask for a letter of authenticity in case you need to sell it in future.
  9. i would keep it
  10. Fellow Chanel Lovers,

    I do have the original box with the pictures of the bag, bar code and the number underneath that matches the authenticity card. A very difficult decision to make!

    I took it to a consignment store and check if they'd take it and they gave me an offer in return which was about 32% off the original price. I wonder if the SA can match that so that I can keep the bag or take it to the consignment store in case I change my mind. That can save me some trouble to send the bag back and wait for the whole credit back also.
  11. I doubt that Chanel would match the 32% off. Acutally if others are saying Chanel never discounts their bags then the 15% is a gracious gesture. You have an option to keep the bag with a discount or return it. You definitely need to think about it.
  12. 15% off - if I loved the bag and there was nothing else wrong with it I would absolutely keep it.
  13. It depends if you think your ever going to sell it down the line, b/c you would want the authenticity sticker for sure... but if you plan on keeping it then I'd take the 15%!!
  14. Thank you all for your opinion!

    I will have to give some serious thought to it before making any decisions since I totally love the bag now and it should be all sold out already; however, I generally get bore with bags pretty quite and might want to sell it later. Why is buying a bag so difficult?! :hrmm:
  15. Keep it, but if you do plan on reselling it, then I would return it!