15% off from Pulse -Memorial Day

  1. Did you guys get that email from Pulse? I just noticed it in my inbox and never opened it till now. 15% off..

    SOrry if someone posted it already.
  2. Yeah, I got it but I dont need anything lolz...well that they have in stock. I was gonna post it...and i dont think anyone did though :smile:
  3. Yeah me too. I didn't need anything either. Wonder what they have left tho. Hopefully someone else will be able to use it!
  4. I got the email too but I figured at this point ... must stay true to my ban .. ahh maybe I should have posted it tho just in case someone else needed it .. sorry! next time! :yes:
  5. Can anyone post the list of what they have? I didn't get the email from them. Thanks!
  6. oh they didn't post their toki stock in the email. It was just a general email saying that you can get 15% off your purchase at Pulse. So it's 15% off everything they sell ... clothes, accessories, handbags. It just so happens that they have tokis.

    So if you're interested, just give them a call :smile: happy shopping!!
  7. According to an email I got from Casey when I put in an inquiry re: Spiaggia BV..

    We are out of buon viaggio. The only Spaggia we have left is campeggio, cucciolo, canguro, portatelefono, scuola, nuvola, bambino, bambinone, and zucca.

    Let me know if she is interested, all of the above are 15% off.

  8. Whats the Web site address? Thanks
  9. www.pulsestl.com
  10. Thanks