15% off Chanel @ Bloomies

  1. Just returned from Bloomies at South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, CA. and SA informed me that when opening a Bloomies acct. you can get 15% off everything Chanel....including J12:graucho:, this offer (as per SA) is good until Sunday 9/16
  2. any chanel at that particular bloomie's?

    post your haul!!! :smile:
  3. BTW, I tried to do this over the phone and you have to be in the store and open the account. Since I haven't mastered teleportation yet, I didn't get to take advantage of this offering. Wonder if I opened at a Bloomies here, they would refund the difference if I "pretended" to return the bag and repurchase it.
  4. Hmmm.:confused1: I dont know if others Bloomies are doing this offer, but I know that SCP is (sorry)
  5. Drats! I wish we had a Bloomies in Pittsburgh!
  6. what do u need to open a bloomies acct?? i don't have an acct anywhere so iono how it works. :p help! 15% sounds like a good deal! ps do they have the large cambon black on black?? i really want that for my first chanel!
  7. Just open a bloomies card and you can get the promotional 15% off your purchases for two days at any bloomies and at any items expect LV. That as far as I know. There was 20% off just recently for opening an account.
  8. keep in mind that you need to be able to charge all of your purchases on your new card. i'm a student and i tried opening a bloomies card a few years ago, when my credit wasn't really established, to buy a mj bag and they didn't give me enough credit to get the bag!
  9. oh i see. wow thanks a lot!
  10. Hey-

    I opened an account online then called the store and they gave me the 20% discount last friday, so it might be worth a shot. I'd call the credit dept and ask!
  11. hey is there any type of monthly fee for the acct? like if i don't use it at all i won't be charged anything right? sorry for the dumb questions. -_-