15% off BLUEFLY

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  1. 15% off Bluefly

    code: MISSEDYOU762

  2. Thanks! I wish I had this a week ago! :o)
  3. Thank you, I just purchased some jeans with this code.
  4. Nice! If I ever decide to order from bluefly again I'll use it :biggrin:
  5. Thanks:biggrin:
    Is there an expiry date on the code?
  6. i don't know, but it works.:biggrin:
  7. It work! This is mine first time ordering with Bluefly, Thank.
  8. expiration date i think is March 25.
  9. THanks, I used it, too. Saved me $90!!!
  10. Oooh, do share! What did you buy??
  11. yayyy I used this code!