15% off Bluefly code, pretty please?

  1. Anybody have one to share? :shame:
  2. did you check my blog under blue light specials?
  3. Thanks truffles... for some reason those don't work for me!
  4. i have a 10% percent off if you want it
  5. haha, Thanks, luvboogie, I have a 10%. I'm just being greedy!! hehe.... thank you, you're a sweetheart!!
  6. Intl, what are you buying now? ;) I'll look around and then PM you if I find one
  7. did you try the MISSEDYOU549 ? i just tried it and it's good for me.

    can you leave a comment on the blog if you find a code doesn't work? otherwise i won't know which ones are good. your identity will remain anonymous and only i will know. it's a good way for me to keep the listings updated.
  8. haha You guys are great. You should really smack me hard, though, for buying anything.
  9. C'mon, 'fess up!!!!
    What are you acquiring?

  10. I have 10% off code as well if you want
  11. I have 2 10% off coupons if you want to.