15% OFF at BLUEFLY today only

  1. Private sale, use this code at checkout: PRIVATE15
  2. Thanks :smile:
  3. oooh thank you! I wonder why I didn't get this too! Oh well. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Thank you so much! This just saved me a couple hundred dollars today!
  5. awesome! Was there anything good @ the private sale? I am a pretty new member, but I've been ordering so much lately, I hope they send me the private sale link next time :lol:
  6. Wow! Thanks to the OP! I just saved $75 off a really cute Francesco Biasia green woven satchel. It was the only one that had in stock. :love: Thanks again!!!
  7. Great to hear a lot of ladies here get to use it! I always get these coupons sent to me and almost always at a bad time (i.e. right after I made some damage shopping somewhere else :biggrin: )

    Noriko, I think my email just said that it's 15% off each and every item as long as you put in the code during checkout, you don't have to go to bluefly through the link on the email :smile:
  8. ^^^ooo awesome, which email was it? I got a couple but always assume its just an update thing, I forgot to look for codes!~ :lol:
  9. Oh, I wish Bluefly would ship to Sweden...:sad:
  10. yay! I got to use this code as well. Totally scoring on bluefly! (hopefully!) I ordered the brown Fendi spy. So I'll have the hobo and the original spy, too bad one is black and one is brown.