$15 off any Bluefly purchase of $100

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  1. code: 4U44AP3/4U4XZ89
    Valid: 09/16/2006 to 09/26/2006
  2. Oh my gosh, I really do thank you a lot!! I was just about to buy something from bluefly.
  3. I think the correct code for that is DollarOff15w100
  4. I was told by several people that they sell fake bags...I personally wouldnt buy from them.:cursing:
  5. Not all of them are. A lot of people received authentic bags. It depends on where they get it from (like the Balenciagas).
  6. Got to agree with Kathyrose, not all bags are fakes!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, there have been occassions with fake bags, but not all the time!!!!! I used the code that JCELL posted and it work fine!
  7. I got another one, please feel free to use it.
    10% A39AJWV
  8. Wow, you're getting lucky! I got the $15 one the first day and since then, nada!

    And I have PLENTY of authentic products I've gotten from Bluefly. Geez, they made a few mistakes and it seems Bluefly has been ruined for the duration. I'll keep shopping from them, myself.
  9. Here's another code..I think you're only allowed to use the codes once, that's why they are different each time. I'm not going to use it but I don't want to waste it if someone else can use it....for $15 off $100.00 9URH3FH
  10. another $15 off 100

    please let the forum know if you used it since it's a one time code.
  11. Here is another one since I am not going to use it.

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