15% off Ann's Fabulous Finds

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  1. Just got this from Ann's Fabulous Finds:

    For the next 48 hours you will get 15% off any regularly priced item on our site when you enter the special offer code "BE MINE" at checkout. Feel the love!

  2. Awesome!! Thanks!
  3. thanks! :smile: I want the botkier bianca in gunmetal but I still think it's too much, even w/the discount...
  4. Figures this site would have the Chanel sunnies I am dying to have......except they are already on layaway. Darn!
  5. Crap...I just bought a bag three days ago!
  6. Thanks!
  7. thanks. site was down for me awhile ago but i'm checking again!
  8. Thanks! I am leaning towards the Fendi Brown Logo Spy... :smile:
  9. Darn it!! I just bought the pink Botkier bag off their site 2 days ago.

  10. Very Cute!!! I saw that bag on her site. It would be a good price. She has a black one too.:yes:
  11. I couldn't resist buying just one more...

    but I saved $330 on a Chanel bag with the code.

    Ok I swear no more bags or shoes for the next 6 months. Maybe I should try the freezing your credit cards in ice trick...lol
  12. hi nay.nay....who's that in your avatar? She's beautiful.
  13. Thanks for the code- shouldn't use it but will!
  14. UGH!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so upset I missed this!