15 more days until the price hike...

  1. Even though the price hike is not set, I'm betting on it.

    Is anyone planning some last minute buys?
    I just placed my order for something smallish to get in before the hike. :yahoo: I'm hoping to earn a little cash and do another order before then, too.

    What about you guys? :flowers:
  2. oh no, i wonder if i should buy a wapity now then. :sad:
    can u imagine how much purses will cost then in a few years if they keep raising prices often? how often do they do price hikes, from what i have read, it seems often. :hysteric:
  3. Damn that price hike but I am itching to get something...

    -damier azur mini pochette
    -damier cles
    -something in the saucy red vernis (cles or wallet)
    -Icon book (if there's any left of it)
    -damier belt (maybe)
  4. 866 did have them in stock :biggrin:
  5. Oh god I try not to think about it. :wtf: They will be insane in 3 years!
  6. Yup I have 2 last minute buys before the price increase...
    *Mono Pochette
    *Cozy Purse (in white MC)
  7. Thursday I will be off to get a Petit Noe. :yes:
  8. Oh whew... thanks babe! :flowers:
  9. Damier Pochette and Cles....within the next week or two I'll be making a trip. :yes:
  10. If you guys have anything you want to purchase from the permanent lines. I would do it now unless you like paying for a price increase and including higher taxes. JMO
  11. my $ is going towards jeans not lv right now! its soo hard to do this lol
  12. Hmmm..I wonder if they will also increase the price for sunglasses..anyone know?
  13. man! that price hike is so upsetting! i need to buy a few things...

    mono speedy 25

    vernis framboise cles

    ludlow wallet (in monogram)

    i am gonig to hawaii next thursday, so i am gonna go very soon to get my speedy hopefully!
  14. Nope not planning on buying anything before the price increase...I am pretty happy with my collection right now :smile:

    I do LOVE the Pomme d'amour color, though! I also really want a White MC Pouch GM :sad:
  15. I bought a wapity.