15 minutes a day to declutter club

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  1. Jessh
    I do have cabinet actually I have them display all over my house until last year I packed them all and pile them in the garage. ( guess that's why I got so many stuff on garage that's most of them until I just Check them today😁😣) thought we are going to sell the house last year until decided not too so didnt bother to unpacked them incase we plan again😳😁😞
    To be honest I have almost 300 pieces😳
  2. How many do you want?

    I think it would be hard to love 300 pieces.

    If you want to sell some, you should photograph them all (or download photos if that's easier) and look at the photos on your computer/tablet/phone for a while to see which ones you are most attached to.
  3. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1380408312.341990.jpg
    Progress here little bit
    But not here😩😳
    And getting tirwd😰
  4. #154 Sep 29, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2013
    Good luck! Don't be too hard on yourself. Get family involved, give them jobs. When you're second guessing they may help. We're all here too! You'll be fine! So start today? :graucho:
    Fully expecting a photo update (no pressure or anything :P).

    Meanwhile, I now have a dedicated place for board games after decluttering and re-homing other things with like! (see I follow my own advice) 10 minutes.

    Edit: I jumped straight to the quote instead of the thread! Fantastic start! I agree with Jesssh, can you love 300 pieces? Great idea about the photos to start reviewing so you can edit.
  5. ^spoiledwify, I guess you are saving the boxes for your Lladro (the collection looks gorgeous btw), perhaps a shelf system could help organize the collection and free floor space?
  6. I moved books for donating and wallpaper rolls from the basement storage to the car today (pic). I'll go to the recycling station tomorrow.

  7. Great work, everyone!!!!! Pat on everyone's back!! :smile:))

    I managed to get hubby on board, already threw out about a dozen pieces of his unwanted clothing. Yes, he is the hoarder in the relationship!;)
  8. Yes , have to save all the boxes , ithat's what most half of the clutter in the garage and proud to say getting any progress thanks to my mom who did all the work lol!!!
  9. ^spoiledwify, that's great with the progress!

    I did the last hauls from the basement storage to the car today (pic). I'll sweep the floor tomorrow when the storage is completely empty! :nuts:

  10. I'm sorting out things in the walk-in closet today and the weekend too. The basement storage is completely empty now, it feels great!
  11. Tossed out a gallon ziploc bag full of makeup today (mostly samples and assorted giveaways). I am so determined no to bring any toiletries with me when I move next summer. I'm only keeping what I can use between then and now!

    Now, along those lines, I need to tackle my nail polish. I use about five of them, and I have a hundred I'm sure :rolleyes:
  12. Hi everyone! I just found this thread last night and read it all- so inspiring! I love to have things organized, but with my 3 kids the only thing I keep organized for long is my purse since they don't mess with it :smile: I need to declutter toys, clothes, and tons of paperwork! My biggest project is our office that I have "talked" about fixing, but it's just become a storage mess of papers and kids projects. I guess I just felt overwhelmed to start, but reading the 15min/day is doable and better than me ignoring it! Thanks for the inspiration and now to decide where to start! :smile:
  13. Off to tackle the wardrobe.
  14. Ugh, not good. So reported earlier that I had purged some makeup. I also tossed some old brushes. DH came home early and offered to take out the trash. As he tied the bag he announced, "oh, I can use these brushes" and pulled them all out of the trash again. I just lost it. I've found him picking through the trash before and pulling things out (nothing of value, things like really old Walmart receipts) and it has concerned me. But now I don't feel like I can even toss out my stuff. I mean, I thought we were doing well today, I even consulted him before throwing away a free keychain that someone handed me the other day. And now back to square one.

    Any advice? Therapy? As soon as he figured out how angry I was, he offered to put the brushes back in the trash. But it wasn't about the brushes really...
  15. Amazing decluttering! Will you all please come here for a weekend and help me???