15 minutes a day to declutter club

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    My house has gotten cluttered over the years, and I really want it organized and streamlined again. I decided I will spend 15 minutes of focused decluttering/sorting each day. Would anyone like to join me, encourage one another, and share your successes?

    My long term goals: Organize my garage, storage room, and bedroom.

    Today, I spent a lot of time in the garage and didn't get too far. But got good results with my focused 15 minutes in the storage room sorting.

    1. One bag of clothes to give away.
    2. One pile of clothes that now fit someone.
    3. One bag of fine paper recycling from files.
    4. One bag of records I can shred/burn.

  2. I'll join this club. I've lived in my apartment for a long time and things build up, books, magazines, older re-decorations takes up space. I want to use the storage for my current things, not for items from 10-20 years ago.

    I think 15 minutes a day will work, just a little bit at a time.

    I already started with magazines, books and a small table for recycling today :smile:
  3. I will join and start tomorrow! I know that I will be moving next summer, and hope to get rid of as much junk as possible before then. Computer clutter counts too - I've got to get files moved around and deleted. Hopefully I can get all I want to save uploaded to the cloud this fall.
  4. I'm in. I think 15min a day will keep the house tidy.
  5. I'm in as well. I love the idea of 15 min a day. It's not too overwhelming that way.
  6. I need to do a cleanout of my clothing. I did one earlier in the year but I'm seeing things in my closet that I didn't get rid of that should have gone to charity. I don't think it will take as little as 15 minutes but it's my goal to thin things out.
  7. Yay. Glad to see friends along for the ride. I'm giving myself one day off each week.

    Everyone is welcome. Join us whenever!

    That's my thing. Over 14 years hear, and a lot of junk just lands. Plus, I've got Mom's bits and pieces. And I didn't really do well maintaining since x moved out three years ago. Finally have the mental energy to deal with these things. Ironically, what held me back most is Mom's things, and yesterday was her birthday...the fifth time since she died.

    I'm not moving right away, but I was speaking with a friend, and she encouraged me to be ready to list my house on the market at a moment's notice if the market pops up. :tup: I love our spot, but it's too much for me...the mortgage is fine but the mental and financial resources the repairs and such take are draining my energy. Maybe if I organize, I will feel better with being here until my kids graduate, which is a goal.


    Exactly. I agree. I can do anything for 15 minutes...well, almost anything, right?

    Then you can come spend your daily 15 at my house :graucho:
  8. 15 minutes on the games and toys in the corner. It looks better and I feel better, but Littlest's things are still the biggest visual in the living area of the house. This will be the primary role of the storage room (toys) when I get to that.

    Two time savers for folks with kids:
    1. I now keep an empty container with the board games, so when I find the inevitable dollars from Monopoly or dice from something else, I just put them in the container and don't have to mess around.
    2. I bought my youngest a set of three plastic drawers on wheels. It's kept in the livingroom, and when something little is found that I don't want to deal with, into the drawers.
  9. First day went well, things for recycling. I have my eyes on a storage in the kitchen for tomorrow.
  10. Yay! I don't feel that inspired by what I did. Yesterday felt great. Wonder why. Could it be the loss of unnecessary paperwork is more rewarding that putting toys away? The papers were from a file cabinet in the storage room, so not like they made a visual difference whereas the toys did make a difference. Thoughts?

    I am having to remind myself not to classify cleaning as part of my 15, so I don't bail on it because it's "too much" time.
  11. ^I think this is the thing, every part adds up even if it's not that visible. I have the basement storage later to clean out. I only go down there about once a year but I mentally know what it looks like. In the end it will feel great.
  12. I love organization and would love to join the club! NoCute, sounds like you've already had nice results today!

    I would like to sort through all the paper things I own and declutter them. I'm talking about stuff like old bills and papers for work that I didn't want to throw away at the time, but I bet some of the oldest stuff can be thrown away now.
  13. That mental weight. Ya. My garage is a disaster because I stored my elderly neighbors items...hoarder of paper goods and magazines. Yesterday, I went through about 10 boxes of his "work" and found one family picture to send his sister. I just don't want to bring it to the curb without looking for those treasures. I should. The lawyer said to do so. But I just can't. That felt good to go through.

    Trying. Maybe paperwork just "weighs" more than toys? I think you're onto something. I pulled files from a decade ago...student grades, so those will likely be burned today. I'm to store for a certain amount of time, but I think I'm safe with the 10-14 year old stuff :eyeroll:
  14. I'll start with paper clutter too. Going to go through all the stuff I've piled on my desk and shoved in the sort folder on my filing cabinet.
  15. The second day of declutter is done, items to the trash. I'm eyeing storage plastic shopping bags for tomorrow.