15" deep cabinets in kitchen?

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  1. We are remodeling our kitchen and are stuck at the cabinet depth... 12" (standard) or 15".

    Do any of you have experience with 15" deep cabinets? My kitchen isn't huge so I want to maximize the space that I have. The cabinets will be high, up to the ceiling, but I'm thinking about going deeper too.

    The only disadvantage I can see is that the space above the countertop will be shortened when I'm working.

    Any thoughts on this?
  2. i dont see too much of an advantage unless its a pantry. most items that you would need in upper cabinets fit in 12" depth, so unless you have a whole lot of 3" items i feel like it would hinder more than help. you would do better to have the space between the bottom of the cabinets and the counter top less than the norm (i dont remember wat the usual dimensions are). it wont hinder your cooking space too much but it will give you additional storage