Scarves 140 cashmere shawl went into the wash :(

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  1. It's taken me days to post this because I'm so sad. A member of my household - with all the best intentions - put one of my 140 cashmere shawls into the washing machine. I wouldn't say it's entirely destroyed but the rolled hems are badly warped and portions of the shawl appear to be fraying.

    If this has happened to anyone before, what did you do next? Where can I go from here to salvage the poor shawl... :sad:
  2. i am very sorry to hear that...... i would suggest to send the shawl to any dry cleaner to see if they can help with the shaping first. for the rolled hems do you have any darning/mending expert around who can help? maybe you can post a pic of the poor shawl? good luck.
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  3. This is what I'd do, no expert opinion. I would hand wash it very gently in cold water with just a dash of cashmere soap (or other good soap formulated for delicate fabrics) and a hint of vinegar. Then lay out flat to dry in the airiest place you can find. Then I would iron the hems in low heat by placing a 100% linen cloth on top of it. Good luck.
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  4. Please post a pic. When you say "frayed", do you mean broken fibres or some parts are 'thin' while others are matted?

    Did it go through the dryer cycle too?

    I had a very expensive cashmere jumper that this happened to too. It wasn't that it went in the machine itself that ruined it but that someone washed cotton sheets at 60 which go through several cycles. It's the heat and the spinning that did it, it came out as cashmere felt. I did a similar thing as @doni suggested (minus the vinegar). While it was still damp I teased it out.

    If you're in the UK, the dry cleaners that H use themselves are called Mr. Steeds. It may be a case of actually going back to H and see if they can repair it (but they may have to send it back to Paris). It will obviously cost quite a bit but it may be worth it.
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  5. Is your washer top loading or front loading? Front loading is much gentler on clothing, IMO. Top loading can cause "felting."
    I agree with Doni.
    I wash my shawls on the silk cycle of front loading washer. Then I put on fastest drain and spin to get all the water out. Then I put over a large towel on a banister to dry.
    If you hand wash, you can spin all the water out with spin cycle of washer.
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  6. I’m so sorry. I did this accidentally to one of mine too. I didn’t have fraying though. Where is the fraying on yours? I rewashed mine, by hand, no detergent, squeezed out the water, then “blocked” it square on towels) like one does with a fine wool/cashmere sweater). When it was almost dry, I ironed it. I too used a press cloth over top as I ironed it. I used a medium setting, yes, with steam, but no mist. I didn’t touch the edges.
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  7. Good advice , I would do the same.
    You mustn’t iron over the hems even if using a cloth.If hems have really flattened it may be hard to reverse.
    Try gently to reform the plump shape whilst damp.

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  8. I’m not confident in my DIY skills. I would send it to Tiecrafters in NYC.
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  9. Sorry to hear about this. You're a better person than I am not to be guilt-tripping the individual who did this. I hope the above suggestions work out for you - please keep us posted.
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  10. Thank you everyone for the advice and suggestions. It means a lot that you took the time to share!
    I'll take photos and post them when I have some time this weekend. I'm terrified of attempting any DIY -- I will try to seek out a professional in my city.

    - The shawl went through a front-loader wash and spin cycle, and was hung out to dry before I realised what had happened. No dryer.
    - The rolled hems are (at an initial glance) in only slightly worse shape than my other 140 cashmere shawl which is older and has only ever been dry cleaned. But the stitching looks like some shrinking might have taken place, which makes them hems look more warped.
    - What I referred to as 'fraying' -- the shawl's fibers look like they're coming off in greater quantities than from usual wear. Both from the hems and from the surface of the shawl.
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  11. I was so sad I actually cried (damn pregnancy hormones!) and honestly I am still unhappy at the person who did it. I'm just trying to move forward constructively because rationally I know that being sad or angry doesn't help.
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  12. I absolutely understand about pregnancy hormones. Perhaps it isn't as bad as all that. You may look at at it differently in a couple of months, meanwhile I wish you happy thoughts. :heart: