14 year old girls at the mall wearing Chanel Cambon totes

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  1. So the little girls at the mall yesterday, decked out head to toe in American Eagle, wearing Chanel Cambon totes.

    Do they make a lot of replicas? I see these bags EVERYWHERE and I know they cost $1,000+. These kids surely don't have enough allowance money to buy the real thing, or are the parents really buying their kids 1K bags?
  2. Yeah, I'm seeing more and more of the fako cambon totes.
  3. There are a ton of faked Cambons. That said, depending on where you are, I've seen plenty of teens with real ones as well.
  4. I was at an upper-middle or somewhat middle class mall.

    Why would you walk into Abercrombie if you wear Chanel, I just don't know... lol
  5. ^^I think that many people mix higher and lower end pices. I also think that in recent years it has become normal for people to pay a lot of money for accessories and then wear less expensive clothing. I'm sure the majority of those bags you saw were likely fake but you never know.
  6. Just because you wear a Chanel it does not mean you can't go into such stores like " Abercrombie" I wear Chanel and love going to Abercrombie, Hollister , Forever 21....hell, I have even gone into Salvation Army to see what Vintage stuff I can find....
  7. I agree, I wear French Connection which is averagely $70 t-shirts
    my Jeans are Volcom (i like the way they fit) $50 average
    i drive a '99 pontiac firebird

    but I'm a proud owner of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, and a proud owner of an Hermes Birkin which was twice as much what i paid for than my car
  8. Ehh, I have to say, whenever I see a young girl wearing a Cambon tote, I always assume it's fake. I've seen very, very few real ones. The ones I always see are gross looking white on black, black on white, or black on pink. I'm not paying attention to where the person shopping, and IMO, that doesn't factor into my assessment of whether the tote is real or fake. I actually shop in some "teenagery" stores myself haha (H&M, F21, etc.). :P It's such a ubiquitous "look at me, I'm wearing a Chanel" bag (based on every 12-18 year I see wearing it) that all Cambon totes (aside from the tone on tone ones, which I rarely see and like!) are a turnoff for me. :smile:
  9. I walked by Forever 21 last week and they have a chanel style bage in there- it looks like a white patent flap. Of course, when you actually look at it, you know it's not a chanel but man is it trying. I also have seen kiosks at the mall sell fake Cambons- they aren't even pretending to be legit.
  10. ^Ohh, I saw that too (F21)!! It's a reissue wannabee, and they have it in both ivory and black patent. :nogood:
  11. Have seen a lot of these fake bags in Aberdeen (Scotland) as well. Always the young teens that have them!!
  12. I agree...although the Cambon is an excellent design, almost all of them I have seen at the mall are fake. What is hysterical, is when they compliment me on my luxe ligne bag and expect a compliment in return, when I know the bag is fake. This goes back to the post of people rockin' fake bags and are okay with it.

    As far as clothing..I bought the cutest sundress from Targer last summer and had the most amazing compliments on it...I wore flip flops, a sundress from Target, an Erika Pena necklace, and my Chanel purse. Style isn't about only purchasing about high end items...which what makes dressing so fun. Style is about throwing everything together from the corners of your closet, and having it look amazing.
  13. the cambon is such a nice style it sucks that there are so many fakes around
  14. That is the reason I sold my tote. Too many fakes, too many teen girls with em.

    As far as clothes, its pretty simple. I wear whatever flatters me. Gap, Guess, Banana Republic, even Target has some decent summer dresses ! I like to tihnk of myself as smart shopper.
  15. I thought that the Cambon fakes were getting old already but maybe not????
    I used to be the proud owner of the beige/black tote until I realized that at 35 years-old, I was right in-style with all the teenagers in my area (except of course that my bag was real and theirs was fake). There has been plenty of info on this in the past so if you do a search I'm sure you can find all kinds of info.