14 scarves in 2 weeks.....my huge reveal!

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  1. soooooooooo pretty!
  2. wow these are all so beautiful!!! Especially hermes en voyage. Congrats!!!
  3. thank you everyone for your nice messages - I read them all. I am looking forward to sharing my next reveal with you.

    Now, i have a question: How does one go about changing their screen name? I am thinking to pick a new one that represents how i am feeling these days... do I have to unsubscribe somehow? How do you send a message to a moderator? I tried researching these topics on TPF and came up short. I am unsure of all this and need advice....
  4. lots of scarves to wear...what a beautiful collection...enjoy!
  5. Sorry for the late answer scarfmischief, I only saw your question now. To change your member ID, you'd have to contact a moderator. Jag and Kellybag look after the H forum :smile:
  6. sm, Congrats on all of your pretty H goodies. :smile:
  7. I keep coming back in here for another peek! Gorgeous scarves!