14 scarves in 2 weeks.....my huge reveal!

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  1. Loved looking at your pictures with my morning coffee. What a great haul and the colourways are amazing. Enjoy wearing them.
  2. wow 14 scarves in 2 weeks :nuts:

    fabulous buys! congrats
  3. Wow, fabulous scarves scarfmischief.
    I love your pics, its great to see the different colourways side by side.Thank you for posting and congrats.
  4. What a treat to wake up to! Gorgeous HUGE haul! I'm with Hypoxia,the brown color way of the Vogages has caught my eye.............all so beautiful,you are going to have some fun trying out all those beauties!
  5. You must have cleaned the scarf table of your counter :lol:. Wonderful purchases, congrats!
  6. :lol:
  7. Wonderful scarves.

    I've seen this design IRL and it's beautiful

  8. Wow! I just woke up and what a wonderful thread to find first thing in the morning. I love your scarves! :cloud9::cloud9: Congrats on your great haul and ty for the pics.
  9. This is beyond my words and thanks a lot for sharing with us. Really like the way you arrange these beautiful scarves. Looking forward to further reveal! And may I guess, La Femme? New Spring?
  10. oh you are some rich :biggrin:
  11. There are lots of ways of being rich :smile:
  12. your scarves are all beauties.. congratulations!!! :smile:
  13. What an amazing selection!! Congrats
  14. scarfmischief1 said more scarves on the way... more "prescriptions" :nuts:

    I think I need my weekly dose soon.... yours on weekly or daily dosage :graucho:
  15. Amazing!!! Wow wow wow!!!!:yahoo::tender::nuts::woohoo: