14 scarves in 2 weeks.....my huge reveal!

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  1. that is what I call an H scarf haul!! Congrats on all your goodies!

    I just woke up, and it is morning here in my part of the big world;)

  2. Stunning! Congrats on your fabulous haul!
  3. Congrats on your collection. They are to die for :faint:

  4. u mst be quite "sick", need so many "prescriptions" :P
  5. WOW..... what a fabulous haul..........your heart must have been racing when your saw all that orange!

    Thanks for posting - it's great to see Hermes en voyage folded
  6. Just up and it is 8am in my location, what a fantastic stack of scarfs you must be in heaven opening them all at once,,,fab colours and designs,,,enjoy them all
  7. Wow, congratulations. You just jumped right in. Love to see action shots.

    You are well named scarfmischief!!

  8. In asia, we have a thing for red and orange ....! This is gorgeous!
  9. [​IMG]




    Congrats too, lovely scarfs:yahoo::nuts:
  10. Congrats!
  11. What a huge haul!! Love the colours, enjoy your scarves!!
  12. Congrats on your colorful haul!:wtf::dothewave:
  13. Wow, lovely, just like being in a sweetie shop :yahoo:Love them all.
  14. :drinks:to your new scarves!
  15. Thanks for the pictures, they're beautiful! :yahoo:

    I'm so after an Hermes en Voyage, but even after admiring them all in real life I STILL can't pick my favourite CW. Some modelling shots would be good.... I'm tending towards the brown so far! :smile:

    Enjoy your new lovelies! :yahoo: