14 Dead in Germany From E.coli Outbreak

  1. This crossed my mind too.

    No wonder so many people are growing their own produce nowadays. One never knows where and when this issue will pop up.

    My heart goes out to the families of victims.
  2. Our neighbors' little son (2 years old) is being rushed to the hospital now with a possible EHEC infection. Poor little thing. I hope we will hear more soon.

  3. Wait 'til you read this:

  4. Oh, no; I am so sorry. I hope he will be okay.
  5. We didn't know what was going on. We came home from dinner and there were 2 ambulances in front of our house. The mother came running out and told me real quick that he has been havung diarrhea with some blood since this afternoon :sad:
  6. OMG, I hope it is something less sinister that they just mistook for E.coli because it being in the news so much.:sad:

    This is a bit frustrating for me, because I'd like to see how this whole thing is progressing. Yesterday, though, I had trouble finding articles that gave detailed accounts of what is going in the past day or so, even though I imagine it is on the news all the time in Germany.
  7. Thanks for posting that, Echoes. It was very informative (but scary).

    The seriousness of this is shown by this excerpt from the article:

  8. wow my friend just came back last week from Germany....gonna go call her now!!
  9. It is constantly in the news here but few new developments. In our area (within 35km) there are 4 currently in the hospital with ehec
  10. I hope he's okay :-s

    I am soo worried when going to the grocery store, I don't even know what to buy anymore in the veggie section. I'll just stick to my own garden and my local farmer.

    Are they testing meat for the bacteria already? I have a feeling that this could be the cause especially since they haven't found anything on vegetables yet.
  11. No news yet. He is still in the hospital and his mom hasn't been back home yet.

    According to Bild Zeitung, the police are now investigating 2 distributors and 1 restaurant in Hamburg.

    I don't know what to buy anymore either. My family and I went to dinner last night and I had a Schnitzel with fries and salad. I ate the salad first and then afterwards I thought "Oh sh#$"...
  12. They just reported on the news here that the outbreak might be linked to soy bean sprouts.

    I haven't found an English link yet though.
  13. Oh man, my daughter is doing a home stay trip in Germany next month for a People to People trip...this has me concerned