14 day Italian "H" escapade

  1. What a great haul! Congrats... Hope you enjoyed the trip too
  2. Thank you for the information. I guess I´m on the next plane to Milan then:p

    Great items you got!
  3. Wow wow wow... What a great haul and BIG congrats for you and DH!

    Enjoy them in great health! Drooling over your RJ Lindy (especially hehe...)
  4. Amazing haul!!! Love them all..your B is gorgeous! Major congrats.
  5. wow, everything is so beautiful!!! congrats!!! what a fantastic trip to italy!
  6. wow, love this B. Love the Lindys too:love: lovely colors !!
  7. wow, big congrats and enjoy all of them!
  8. I love everything you bought!!! Especially the B! Congrats!
  9. Great haul! I love the Jige!
    I'm glad you enjoyed Padova... I live there! :p;)
  10. Stunning, beautiful and wow did you score.

    As for the Orans, well its a no from me, they look like they don't fit, sorry.
  11. Do you feel the togo is feeling alot like clemence? At first I thought it was clemence because of how it slouches if not because of the veins I would not be able to tell it is togo. I love the veins on the Birkin! Congratulations Birkenette. I love everything you have bought. Thank you SOO much for showing us your haul.
  12. Congrats on your gorgeous B and all the other beautiful goodies! Enjoy!!
  13. What a fruitful trip & great souveniours from the trip. Everything look so beautiful. I had never thought of buying Lindy before, but after seeing your RJ & Gold lindys, I'm changing my mind!. Birkin looks so yummy too!MAJOR Congratulations.
  14. You have had the holiday of my dreams. Congrats on the fabulous haul :nuts: and thanks for sharing your experiences.
  15. Amazing haul! The best reveal after trip so far. Congratulation!