14 day Italian "H" escapade

  1. Just returned from a great 14 day experience. We visited Rome, Tuscany, Florence, Bologna, Venice and Milan. Italians are very warm, passionate people and we had a wonderful time.
  2. anyone around for a reveal ?
  3. Yeah! I'm here! Front row!
  4. hi hsiaomee
    :smile: glad to see you here !
  5. Oh boy, this is going to be good :popcorn:!
  6. I've been hunting and hunting for these but could never find these in my local stores. Waitlist rumored to be 1 year ..
  7. :woot:
  8. wow wow wow!!! this is going to be an amazing haul, i can already tell!!! :snack: :yahoo:
  9. Yay! Please do show us.
  10. Welcome Chanel, Jeshika and LG .
  11. CDC in white epsom with GHW
    CDC in orange swift with GHW
    CDC in barenia with GHW

    I love them all:loveeyes::loveeyes:
  12. Wow!! Can't wait to see everything.

    We also just returned last week from our first trip to Italy (Venice, Florence, Tuscany, Rome). We saw so many georgeous sites, but site-seeing vacays are so exhausting that we now need a relaxing beach vacay to recuperate. I just purchased a Birkin two months ago, so I purposely avoided all shopping while in Italy and then with 10 minutes to spare before boarding our flight from Rome to the U.S., I popped into the Tod's boutique next to our gate and bought a bag. Ha!

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing your beauties!
  13. What a great start of your reveal with these beautiful CDC's :tup:!
  14. next up ... something along the lines of the CDC
  15. This is amazing! :woot: