14 children died in cars this summer

  1. 14 kids in the United States died while waiting in cars this past summer! One quarter are left on purpose (thinking they could make it back on time). Half are left accidently ("I left my son in the car when I went to work because I forgot to take him to daycare") and the rest are left in the car by careless caretakers.

    What I LOVE is that the parents rarely have the book thrown at them for broiling their children alive. They get the "your own deed is punishment enough" deal. Yeesh. At least they're trying to pass legislation to make this a serious crime.
  2. Oh, my info is from the Today show. Was typing as they were giving the report. :shame:
  3. They leave their kids in the car cause thye forgot to bring them to daycare?! Yikes! Are they serious?! That thought would've never crossed my mind!!!
  4. Nothing about that to love... that is purely sick and sad. That breaks me heart. Some people just do not think of anyone but themselves.
  5. Sadly I have heard of this excuse before...If it is the same story it was a father who further went on to say that he was not used to having to take his child with him. :throwup:
  6. Apparently that is a concern with day care in the south, children being left in cars/buses. I'd never heard of it until my husband informed me of it. Kinda scary! Also do these people not have a functioning brain?, its one thing to forget momentarily, but to escape your mind completely? People should be assessed before being allowed to breed.
  7. that's terribly sad. CSI Vegas had a similar case like this a few seasons back..and i only thought this stuff happened on TV. I don't understand people that leave their dogs in the car, let alone their KIDS!:throwup::rant:
  8. Personally, I think it's always intentional. Who leaves their kid in the car by accident? That's ridiculous. You remember to take your keys but forget your child? Impossible.
  9. SOO true!!! This is horrible!! How could you forget a child in a car? How would you not see them when you were getting out of the car? :Push: :wtf:
  10. Oh, so sad, so tragic.
    And so needless!!!:rant: How can you 'forget' to take your child with you...??? Popping in to pay for petrol, now that's different, but anything else...well, i just don't get it!

    In the UK we have a slogan - 'Dogs die in hot cars' Maybe it's about time we extended that to children ......:crybaby: :sad:
  11. There was a woman last summer, close to where I live who left the house in the morning, was upset over some things, was in a hurry driving to work, and really thought she had dropped the baby off at daycare. The baby had fallen asleep in the backseat. She got to work and was there for a while, some people saw the baby in the back seat and called police. They police had to go in and tell her what she did and that the child had died.

    They interviewed a woman that works with this lady, and this woman said, " I have never heard anything like what I heard that lady do. I cannot describe it to you because I have no words for it. All I can say is that I have never seen or HEARD that before in my life and what I saw and heard will haunt me for the rest of my life"

    There is a big difference between someone like this who is a good person but makes a tragic mistake and the people who kill their children in cars because they don't want to take them into Walmart with them.
  12. I have seen this in action....When I lived in Chicago I worked at a pet store. One day a child (about 3 yrs old) just walked into the store and started running around. When I tried to approach him he started yelling that he was looking for his mommy. 10 mins later a frazzled mother runs into the store. Apparently she had left him in the car (she said he was sleeping) and went into the Western Union that was next door.

    Can you imagine waking up and not knowing where your mother is!
  13. I swear most probably happen in Las Vegas. It seems every week there is a story on the news about this. How the heck do you forget you kid in the car? I am sorry but I think people use it as a way to get rid of their kids.
  14. It breaks my heart to hear. . . My biggest fear is forgetting my keys in the car and being locked out while my son is still in the back. I had left my keys in the ignition once and locked myself out of the car while I was in a rush, before I had my son. Now, I practice patience...no more rushing...and no more locking the car from the inside before I get out. I always lock the car with the alarm remote. Thank god for alarm remotes!
  15. I can not even imagine how horrific it would be to have something like this happen as a tragic mistake. How could you ever get over it?

    But as for the typical case of "carelessness" that is just mind-bogglingly atrocious. I cry and get upset when I see doggies roasting in hot cars -- how could someone ever even think of leaving a CHILD in there???? It's so appalling and heartbreaking.