$14 999 later...

  1. I think the price is fair for the bag.
  2. Indeed. It's such a hard bag to find... if I were selling it, I'd probably have it up for this price.
  3. cute bag! :crybaby: but I couldn't spend that much on it!
  4. My wish list bag. *sigh* If I didn't keep buying my dh cars. I buy that in a :heart:beat.
  5. I'd have $14999 rather than to own that bag. I can purchase a lot with that sum of money!!
  6. I love the bag but for that price, there better be some cash that comes inside that bag.
  7. :yes: ITA, well said!:yes:
  8. The retail was 4350.
  9. holy crap!! u could buy a car with that much money
  10. I would probably never buy something online for that amount of money no matter how trustworthy the person selling the item is!

  11. ohh to the point! :yes: :yes: :yes:
  12. lol yea:

    Check how you're protected

    This item is not covered by buyer protection on eBay
  13. Hah, and I don't even like this style, lol. :p