13C - red lamb or metallic blue roi???

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  1. Please let me know which one is more practical from your experience? I think the red lamb comes only in jumbo while the metallic blue roi comes in all the sizes? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Which one is carefree - lamb or patent for Chanel flaps?
    At the moment I have black jumbo caviar ghw and GST black ghw.

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    I'll go with the blue patent in other sizes only because you've a jumbo. Patent is easier to maintain than lamb skin.

    But 13C red lamb is gorgeous! Tough decision!
  3. I'm sooooooooooooooo getting the bright blue 13C jumbo. The color is outstanding!
  4. Do you have a picture of the color? I'm intrigued
  5. red lamb..
  6. it's a tough one. I wish I didn't miss out on the 12A red caviar - then the decision would have been easy :smile:)). lamb is so goregeous, but scares me...and blue roi is divine...Thanks for your responses!!!
  7. another question is if I go with the blue roi, which size/bag to purchase: it comes in mini, m/l, jumbo, maxi and clutch with chain...
  8. Picture released from BG of the metallic patent blue roi mini
  9. If you want a bigger bag, I would say go with the red lambskin. Otherwise, the metallic patent blue roi mini shown above is beautiful. Good luck!
  10. 13C red lambskin jumbo. I'm thinking of getting it too even though I already have a red caviar jumbo. It's a gorgeous color & is more classic Chanel to me. Although I like the bleu roi color, I'm not a fan of patent (the fingerprints would drive me nuts!).
  11. Sorry, I'm late to response but Pursebop has kindly posted it already.

    Isn't it just a marvelous color? :love:

    I've never been a fan of patent leather but in this color it looks gorgeous!
    Wonder if they to it in reissues too.
  12. This blue is gorgeous!!! It's in rhw???? Thanks!
  13. Yes it is RHW and it is gorgeous! I just hope color is as intense as it appears here :smile:
  14. Blue roi patent is divine!
  15. Blue metallic I am waiting for one too it such an gorgeous color . Maybe u can get a lamb next time :smile: