13C caviar mini with metal chain

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  1. Got this in Paris. Was told this is from the 13C collection. :smile: anyone could help me identify the name of this bag? The SA does not know the name....

  2. I believe it is the Simply CC in small size.
  3. Tks tks!!!!
  4. If I am not mistaken, this bag was originally produced in the 2012 collection as a seasonal piece. I believe it can go crossbody or shoulder, but I forget the exact name of it. Very cute, though.... Enjoy!
  5. Ohhhhhh myyy!!! This is a cutw bag? Any more info on this baby? Price? Code number? Or any other colors it comes in?
  6. Looks like Simply CC.
    Congrats! It is a cute daily bag!
  7. oohh it's pretty!!!! more photos please :smile:
  8. Very lovely but are you sure this is from 13C ? Because I'm pretty sure nothing has arrived in Paris yet, plus, SAs are striclty forbidden to sell anything from 13C before the collection is officially out...And it shouldn't be officially out here before mid november. Last year, my SA called me when she got the Cruise flats I wanted, I went to the boutique, tried them on and she had to keep them aside for me for 10 days as she was not allowed to sell them to me in advance. And I'm a regular customer.