13B metallic Charcoal grey and Bronze

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  1. Hi PF friends!!!!!! Would you keep both of these lovelies?Or, do you think they are too similar in color? Do you think the metallic Chanels are too fragile? They definitely would not be my everyday bag!!!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1384437983.487399.jpg
    The charcoal grey one is on the left!! I'm trying to talk myself into it bc I see lots of people here with several bags of basically the same color but different shades!! I really love them both but don't want to be stupid with my collection!!
  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1384438372.129832.jpg
  3. I have been having a similar conundrum. I have the charcoal grey mini and silver jumbo. I really also want the bronze jumbo but worry it is too similar to the silver. My SA had the bronze jumbo and advised me not to get it because it was only a shade different. I would love to have all 3 colors in a jumbo but then it does start to feel redundant. I do think the charcoal grey and bronze are different enough to have both. The bronze caters to warmer colors and the charcoal to cooler tones in your wardrobe.
  4. Where did you find these! Are they still coming in? I have the metallic grey and think I also want to get the bronze to wear with warmer colors. They are so beautiful that I could definitely see having both!
  5. They are equally stunning, so I think it's just a matter of what colors you have in your wardrobe.

    Personally I would not keep both. I'd spend the money on a different share or style.
  6. Oops I meant "different shade or style."
  7. I appreciate all of your comments!! I got the bronze one here at my local NM. The grey one was sent to my SA from San Francisco. I was thinking of keeping both bc last week when I went to put on my outfit, I was wishing for a grey or silver Jumbo. I ended up changing clothes to fit my bronze Jumbo. Decisions, decisions!!:smile:
  8. As you noted that you changed your clothes to fit the bronze, and was wishing for a grey/silver jumbo....then maybe you should let the bronze go and stick with the charcoal.
    I was torn between the two before, but after looking at my collection I settled for the bronze. However, if $$ isn't an issue then why not keep both? Lol ;) GL with your decision!
  9. I'm interested in the replies to this thread because I'm concerned about the metallic leather. I've seen photos on instagram where the leather looked wrinkled and the quilting was deflated. Would love to read everyone's thoughts/experiences.
  10. I love both colors but am leaning more to the bronze. I really like the color grey, it's a neutral color that supposed to go with everything but for some reasons I just couldn't get it to work for me. I couldn't figure out how to wear it whether it's a bag or a pair of shoes.
  11. I am drooling! I would keep both colors because they will blend with different jewelry and colors of apparel. Beautiful bags, congratulations!
  12. Is that a ridgeback puppy!??! I know this is off thread but had to comment - LOVE ridgebacks - we've had them forever. SOOOOO Cute!
  13. Go for the bronze as is brighter metallic than the charcoal...
  14. Thanks, yes that's my ridgeback baby, she's the love of my life ( don't tell my DH :biggrin:)!
  15. Best dogs in the world! But keep her away from your handbag collection ;)