$132.89 postage fee!

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  1. Thats ridiculous. you could email and ask for any other postage options?
  2. they must be overnighting it for that price??
  3. First I must say that his is an awesome pair of shoes!

    Then would suggest that you email the seller and ask if the shipping total is a typo. I once in error typed that an item weighed 13 pounds instead of 13 ounces in a shipping calculator and didn't realize it until a potential buyer let me know. It would seem very likely that a similar mistake has been made here too.
  4. Yes, overnighting them from the moon, or Mars perhaps.

  5. :roflmfao:
  6. Seller probably estimated the weight b/c it charges over 9 bucks to travel about 35 miles. Just contact the seller and ask for a flat rate. I've had this happen in my listings, buyers have just alerted me and I have changed it. Now I just do flat rate overseas and free to 50 US.
  7. Could be correct, UPS is pretty expensive, ask if they could ship it USPS, which is much cheaper. Think courier companies also charge really high customs clearance fees (on top of the usual customs charges).
  8. I had a bag shipped from UK to US/TX - DHL - approx $90.
    Had a bag shipped from FLA to TX (within US) via UPS 2-day $108.

    Shipping is HIGH.

    I did have 2 other bags shipped from UK royal mail/USPS about $40, but took 15 days.

  9. Not touching this even in a nightmare.

  10. The seller is in Mt Vernon which is NOT NYC, it is Westchester County.
  11. How funny is that! I think I have no choice but to email the seller and see if it was a typo - at first I was so offended by the amount that I was just going to forget them - it is just that we all know of sellers trying to make money through postage but this is just taking the michael surely :confused1:
  12. yes this is possible as shipping via UPS is very expensive. I once ask UPS for a quote to ship a pair of shoes to UK (approx 3 lbs) and they told me it will cost approx $120. UPS only has 2-day service avail for international, they do not have any other services for international. Try asking the seller to ship via USPS (reg post office). It will probably cost approx $35-40 to ship to UK via USPS.