130mm Pigalles?

  1. Is there such a thing as 130mm Pigalles? I thought 120mm was the highest - but this ad says the heels are 130mm and they really do look a bit higher, don't they?


    I have 2 pair of the 120mm Pigalles that I LOVE them to death so you know I'd try 130mm - in a heartbeat - lol

  2. The highest version of the Pigalle is the "Pigalle 120" -- HOWEVER, a lot of CL heels heights are "graduated"...meaning the 120mm for a certain model is generally the heel height obtained from a "medium"-sized shoe, around 37-38 or so. For the larger sizes, the heel height can measure a bit over 120mm, but it's still labeled "120" on the box. Likewise, for sizes on the other end of the spectrum (e.g. 35), the actual heel height often measures to be a bit lower than 120mm. The heel height is GRADUATED.

    That phenomenon also applies to many other CL styles with the "100" denomination -- e.g. on shoes like Clichy 100 or Yoyo 100, the heel on the large sizes actual measures over 4-inches, while the heel on the tiny sizes such as 35-35.5 measures a bit shy of 4 inches....still the same shoe and referred to as "Yoyo 100" or "Clichy 100." I've measured all the heel heights on a wide range of sizes and kept track of these details for the past few years....the "graduated" height is a common CL phenomenon.
  3. I should also add that different people can have different methods of measuring heel height -- some measure from the very back of the heel (with a measuring stick or measuring tape standing up-right), while others measure from the front of the heel where it connects to the sole/arch (this method would often yield a short height measurement). I always use the former rather than the latter technique.
  4. It's even becoming common on a good many lesser brands - gone are the days when a heel looks high and elegant in size 6, but like a kittenheel in size 10!:wtf: