$1300 to spend - any suggestions?

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  1. i realize that that is not exactly the average chanel price range but that's all i have right now, it has been a tough month, and am in desperate need of something to cheer me up - my very first chanel purse...

    about my style.. i dress down a lot.. not at all fashion forward... i usually wear jeans, sneaks, and a hoodie/t-shirt or a track suit.. as for my work clothes - i usually wear pant suits, or pants with a buttondown shirt / sweater.

    because i wear plain clothes all the time, i like complimenting it with a fancy purse. i don't care about being a walking billboard. i actually like monograms.

    here's where i need your help, dear chanel experts...

    can you please give me some suggestions of styles that i can consider within my price range? if you can also post picture, that would be great!

    THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!! :smile:
  2. Do a search for the wallet on chain, it's a great versatile bag!
  3. I've seen some cute ones on ebay.. a pink PST and Medallion for around 1300 or less! GL!
  4. you may consider a mini flap or a PST. ;)
  5. In my honest opinion, keep your money and save until you find something you just love and can't stand to not own. As it is, it sounds like you're more or less buying because you want the name "Chanel". I get it but I think that in the long run it is smarter to just save until there is something you want vs. spending just to spend if that makes sense.

    The only thing I really love in that range is the Timeless Clutch. Beautiful.
  6. I called and asked and a small flap is $2,900! I thought the small would be cheaper...
  7. Pst!
  8. $2,900 USD? I don't think that's correct. I think it's closer to $2400
  9. I saw the new e/w collection WOC today in black and it is really cute and just a little over $1,300, but you have to like small bags. If you don't like small bags then go for the PST or save up a little more for someting that makes your heart go pitter patter. M
  10. pst!!
  11. $2900/- is in Singapore dollars
  12. I would get the petite shopping tote. Here is a picture:


    (thanks to pseub's thread)
    It is 1350.00 +tax. It is a classic bag. I have it in beige with Gold hardware and love it. I am contemplating getting it in black with silver hardware.
    You can get it in:
    - Black with Gold Hardware
    - Black with silver hardware
    - Beige with gold hardware
    There are also some other colors but I know the above ones are easier to find.
  13. How much is the jumbo? :s
  14. $2650 caviar
    $2850 lambskin

    If I'm not mistaken. Supposedly will go up to around $3000 after increase.
  15. There is a jumbo jersey flap out right now - I believe it is $1495 (slightly higher than what you are looking to pay). You might want to keep an eye out on ebay also - sometimes you can get a pretty good deal. Just remember to check in the Authenticate This thread before buying. Good luck!!