1300 pound man back in news/photos too..

  1. Neglected the boards for some time and just surfed back in after reading the news..I had posted about this 1300 pound man before and have been following his story since his situation just amazes me. I havent talked to him but hes apparently hes open about his weight. He had lost weight, gained alot more of it back, and has lost "some" weight again. He updated his site: (dozens of photos, his AIM name, videos of his TV appearances, his 20,000 calorie a day food intake, etc). Has anyone else followed this?

    http://members.fotki.com/Manuribe/about/ AIM name from his site: manuribe



  2. this is nuts! How can anyone have any kind of life like that? I feel bad for him and worse for his parents who probably let him eat a lot of junk when he was a kid and thought it was alright.
  3. I have never heard about him before. My god, what kind of life can he be leading. I hope he can get the help he needs before it is too late.
  4. Poor man. I know that he obviously did this to himself, but I still feel bad for him. Obviously there are other issues than just having no self control.

    What I wonder though is when someone gets this big and can't even get up, who in the hell keeps bringing them all that food? Hello! I mean if my brother or mother or somebody got too big to get out of bed I'd make sure they didn't eat too much.
  5. That is so sad. :sad:
  6. I believe in interviews hes said he orders out and has friends bring him food :/
  7. He is not in a good way at all. He needs help badly.
  8. I hope I am offending anyone by saying this, but this man scares me...
  9. I haven't been following his story, but I have heard about him on the news and saw pics.

    This is such a crisis. His life is in such danger. My heart goes out to him.
  10. I just wonder how he got like that. I've gone through some rough patches in life before and gained weight but I've always lost it. That must be so rough for him. :sad:
  11. I thought he had lost a bit of weight and was on his way to Europe (Spain or Italy?) for and operation.
  12. Ayi Ayi Ayi... my heart breaks for this poor poor man. For some people food is an addiction a way to ease one's hurt. He's killing himself and someone needs to save him from himself!! OMG!!!
  13. I saw him on TV as well but i don't remember what show Was it Oprah? I don't remember!
  14. I believe in one of the interviews, he decided against the surgery and had gained weight back :sad:
  15. I saw him on TLC? I wish he will get well...i know it's not easy to lose weight, but he needs to try it hard.