$1300 bag from Gilt- Missing!

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  1. So I ordered a lovely Saint Laurent bag from Gilt last week. Paid and it shipped via UPS. There was an issue earlier in the week (UPS page stated "mechanical error") that delayed the delivery date to today from Monday, no issue though. My BF was home all day. No knock from UPS which is odd since you'd think they want a signature for such a high ticket item. Well I checked the tracking on my phone and it says it was delivered at 12:56pm and put on my porch; but low and behold it isn't there! I looked everywhere, checked with my neighbors, called UPS (who wouldn't help, they wouldn't even let me file a claim) and Gilt (who said they would file a claim after first telling me I had to wait 48 hours, but otherwise were vague about what would happen), and basically lost my marbles. Has anyone had this happen to them? I never have had this happen to a bag and I'm terrified it may have been stolen (though I don't know by who, I live in a generally nice area). All advice is appreciated, I'm totally crushed right now. :crybaby:
  2. Oh no, Robyn! That's awful! You would think they're require a signature for a $1300 delivery but now that you mention it I don't think I've ever had to sign for a Gilt shipment.

    It is always possible that it was stolen even in a nice area. My police department said there are mail theft rings that specifically follow around delivery drivers in nice neighborhoods for this purpose. You might want to call your PD and ask if they've had any other reports of mail theft in your area.

    But that's why Gilt should require a signature. Also, I am a bit suspicious of UPS. The driver might have delivered it to the wrong address or swiped it him/herself.

    The sender has to file for a claim but if the bag is showing as delivered UPS won't pay out. I would call UPS back and tell them to ask the driver to make sure the package was delivered to the right address.

    I am not sure what Gilt will do. Hopefully right now they're breathing down UPS' neck to find your package.

  3. Gilt says "it depends on what UPS finds", whatever that means.

    I tried to get UPS to contact the driver but multiple people refused, they said it's impossible to contact the hub or the driver. In addition they just repeated the shipping address back to me but never verified if that's where the package was actually delivered.

    Gilt also said that "it's up to the discretion of the UPS driver to get a signature" while I've always thought it was a service you had to add.

    I really don't know what I would do if it was stolen.
  4. ^^Worst case scenario, if you purchased via a credit card, is that you dispute the charge and will get the $ back from your credit card. No bag - but at least no loss of $$.

    Hope this works out for you.......
  5. I don't know if I can dispute though if it shows delivered?
  6. That is not necessarily true. For a $1300 bag Gilt would contest it and show proof from UPS that the bag was delivered and OP's chargeback would probably be denied. I would still try to dispute it though if it comes to that.

    I think what Gilt means is that UPS told Gilt they'd "look into it" to see if there was any obvious screwup in the delivery chain. There may be and they might find your bag.

    It is up to the discretion of the driver to get a signature if Gilt doesn't pay for signature confirmation which apparently they did not.

    Robyn, you didn't happen to pay via PayPal did you? In that case you'd be able to file a dispute for sure.

    I really wish I had better news but this is a really tough spot to be in. I have had packages disappear a few times even though tracking showed delivered and the companies that sent them just told me I was SOL. In one case it was jewelry, too. The package showed up 5 months later!
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    No I did not, I don't think Gilt even allows Paypal payments.

    I don't get why Gilt would not get signature confirmation on such a high ticket item. I can't imagine most stores not getting signatures for that high ticket of an item; I've had to sign for $100 packages before!

    EDIT: Nevermind it looks like they do accept paypal. Though it's not like I should have to do that with a big enough company like Gilt....
  8. They do. I just went and checked. :smile: But it's irrelevant if you didn't use it.

    I agree with you. They should have required a signature. The fact that they didn't might help with a chargeback. Also, I wonder about this "mechanical error". I wonder if something happened with the routing/labelling that made your bag show up as delivered when it wasn't. Like maybe your package's label got stuck to another package or something?
  9. I've had this happen to me. I have a habit of doing screen shots of the tracking esp during holidays on high ticket items. My item sat at the last UPS facility for a few days. I took screen shot of it daily. I contacted the shipper saying my item has sat at the same facility for 10 days. What gives? 48hrs later after the merchant was notified, the item status showed delivered. I believe the theft occurred by an employee at UPS sort facility.

    Had I not taken screen shots, I would not have been able to prove anything. I've eventually got the item a month later after going back & forth. The merchant took the hit.

  10. Im glad it worked out for you. Im not sure what screenshots could do for me, as everything seems reasonably standard, but maybe that "mechanical error" was the theft.
  11. May I ask what state you live in because I saw a news story earlier about mail theft and some people were arrested tonight.

  12. I live in Utah, i havent looked at the news lately though
  13. I bought something from Gilt last year, and after 1 month, it was still not delivered. The value is not high (less than $100) and I live in Singapore, but a month is still way too long for delivery not to happen. There was no tracking number provided, and Gilt reverted that the item has been delivered. I informed them that it is obviously not, since I still haven't received it after a month and wouldn't have contact them if they are delivered. They said they will contact the shop (apparently the goods comes from a shop directly rather than from Gilt) and the final conclusion is, they will refund everything to me. They also credited my account with $50 but I haven't used it yet. I am not sure there is anything worth getting, given the risk of loss.

  14. Well im glad they refunded you at least. I will probably have to keep pushing to get my money back if ups cant find the package. Youd think a big company like Gilt would start requiring signatures to prevent this issue
  15. Ugh, I had the same thing happen to me with a Dolce & Gabbana blouse - the driver claimed he dropped off the package, but my building's security tapes showed he never did. Long story short, I was fully refunded for the item, but it took a while, and a lot of calls!