13 Years and still looking gd

  1. Found these when I was clearing up my closet... Couldnt believe they are still looking so gd, it brought back a lot of childhood memories !! .. they are present from my parents and my god mom and dad when I was 12.. !! Btw.. are they consider as vintage now ?
  2. WooW!! CoNgRaTs!!! They look reaaaaly gorgeous!! And that patina on the keepall... :drool::drool:
  3. OMG, you lucky girl! I thought something needed to be 25 years old to be vintage?
  4. Thanks.. !! then I guess I have to wait another 12 years then
  5. Wow - they still look great! The patina is perfect :okay:
  6. hmm they look verry interesting and you reminded me to go look in my closed and see how my LV is doing:sweatdrop:
  7. wish I could find a keepall in my closet lol
  8. ^ :roflmfao:
    Me, too. I keep looking but no luck yet :p

    Beautiful pieces Shopalicious, thanks for sharing!
  9. Lovely pieces.
  10. u were just cleaning up your closet and came upon LV lol? Looks great!! I try to tell people if you spend a lil more you will get quality and this is an example of that.
  11. Oh wow .. love the patina .. they're aging so well!!
  12. haha Im still looking :p Ive not even stumbled on a cles lol
  13. You got LV when you were 12?! :wtf:
    That's so friggin awesome. I'm not a big fan of the handles changing colors. But your bags aged so gracefully. I love it!
  14. What is that first bag? I dont think I've seen it before.
  15. I am amazed!