13 Year Olds...Ugh!

  1. Hi I am new here! I am a mother of two and my daughter is coming up on her 13th birthday. She wants a Coach purse and I am willing to spend under $300 on a purse! Any thoughts?
  2. Maybe a Carly Demi or pouch?

    Does she like signature?
  3. My daughter was 13 when I bought her her first Coach. She has taken extremely good care of it but it is a smaller one and I got it off of eBay for $150.
  4. She goes for more unique things...I was thinking a patchwork of some sort??
  5. Have you seen the denim ergo patchwork? Its super cute:yes:
  6. Or scarf print???
  7. I would suggest going to an outlet. You get more bang for your buck!
  8. I say a demi, pouch or swingpack!
  9. That's true you could probably get her a small bag, charm and wallet!!!!

  10. The had the small patchwork totes at dillards for $125 yesterday!
  11. I think $300 is a lot for one coach purse for a 13 yr old. I would go to the out let and get her a couple of stuff with $300. Like a small scribble tote or siganture bag, charm and a wristlet.
  12. I would get here a small pouch and a mini skinny.
  13. My daughter got her first Coach at about 13, she took great care of it and still loves it. She probably has more Coach bags now than I do, but that one is still special to her.