13 week "Lost" Break?

  1. I'm so disappointed that ABC has decided to air 6 episodes of Lost beginning October, followed by a 13 WEEK BREAK, until Feb. when it will return with 15 unbroken episodes. This is in response to complaints about all the reruns and breaks last season. I guess for continuety (sp) it may be less frustrating than the start/stop of last season. Why cant it just run straight through beginning in fall, then followed by the inevitable, albeit expected, string of reruns into spring?
  2. I agree. Or they can do it like "24"... start the season in Jannuary and end it in May.
    Btw, the first set in Fall is 7 eppisodes, not 6.. may be that'll cheer u up a bit. :P
  3. Ugh, that stinks! I was really unhappy with how they aired Lost last year, but a 13 week break is not a better alternative!
  4. ^ agreed..Thats STINKS!
  5. I actually kind of fell of the Lost bandwagon after the whole rerun crap last season. It was irritating! Maybe this will be slightly better. I'm not crazy about the idea.
  6. For me when shows have that long hiatus, that makes me tune into another show & then I forget about watching the show when it comes back b/c I'm into the other show by then. That might be alittle confusing..LOL but you all get what I mean. Lost was a really good show but with all the breaks I kinda got tired of that.