13 Scariest Movies of all time!

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  1. According to YOU the viewer, what are your 13 scariest movies of all time!

    I've checked out list on line and cannot fine one that is consistent, everyone is similuar but none are the same, so for a fun Halloween activity (for whoever wants to participate), list YOUR 13 scarist movies. You can either watch your list or movies that you haven't seen from others list and discuss what you thought about them the next day.

    Here is my list:
    13~Joy Ride
    12~Jeepers Creepers
    11~A Haunting in Connecticut
    10~The Shining
    08~Texas Chainsaw Masacar
    07~Rosemary's Baby
    06~Exorcist (The Beginning)
    05~Wrong Turn
    03~The Strangers
    02~The Exorcist(unedited edition)
    drum roll please....
    01~The Entity
  2. I haven't seen some of the scary movies (refuse to watch The Exorcist!) but here's my scary movie list :yes: Not really in any order.

    13. Paranormal Activity
    12. The Hills Have Eyes (the recent version)
    11. Poltergeist
    10. Pet Sematary
    9. Nightmare on Elm Street
    8. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    7. Halloween (original, although the Rob Zombie remake freaked me out too!)
    6. Hellraiser (my parents let us watch this when we were kids!)
    5. Wrong Turn
    4. Psycho
    3. The Strangers
    2. Saw
    1. Cabin Fever (that grossed me out more than scared me)
  3. I've had to stop watching them. DH travels 4 days/week and I'm losing sleep!

    Some scary ones w/o thinking too hard are:
    1} Hostel
    2} Amityville Horror and ANY thing remotely supernatural :faint:
  4. The ones I think of right off the bat:

    Les Diaboliques, the vintage French film from Henri-Georges Clouzot, the Hitchcock of France (and NOT the crummy remake)


    Don't Look Now--a 70s Gothic classic with Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie, truly disturbing

    What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? with the glorious Bette Davis and Joan Crawford duking it out
  5. 7 - High Tension (French film with a great twist...suspenseful as hell!)
    6 - The Ring (It was the first movie, in a long time, that had me scared. Very well thought out.)
    5 - Poltergeist (This was another "I can't sleep" movie, but not as bad cause I saw it when I was older. Still, scary for the fact that it's more plausible than other horror movies)
    4 - Psycho (Even though I've seen it tons of times, the suspense always gets me)
    3 - Salem's Lot (Saw this when I was young too. The older brother floating outside the window and the little boy vampire freaked me the eff out!)
    2 - The Shining (no so much scary, but hauntingly creepy)
    1 - The Exorcist (Original) couldn't sleep for weeks cause of that movie!

    I'll think of more later...
  6. I do not like scary movies in the least, but of the few I've ventured to see, the scariest would be:

    #1 - The Exorcist (original 1973)
    #2 - Amityville Horror (original 1979)
    #3 - Rosemary's Baby (1968)
    #4 - The Omen (1976)

    You don't need blood, guts and gore to make a movie scary.
  7. No, the gory bloody ones don't scare me as much as they gross me out. The thrillers, the ones about paranormal really jack me up!
  8. I hardly find any scary movie scary, but I like watching them anyway with or without gore. If I had to pick though, I guess...

    In no particular order:

    1.) The Grudge (I think part 2?)
    2.) The Ring
    3.) It (I thought it was pretty well done, and very creepy and mysterious with that clown.)
    4.) Night of the Demons 2 (when I was a young kid it scared me, but now it is just fun and stupid).
    5.) The Langoliers (Forget the actual creatures at the end; that was stupid and ruined it for me. The creepiness and loneliness of being stuck by yourselves in the past while everyone else that was awake has died and with no echo and with major sound alteration, food that has lost its taste, change in scents or lack thereof, etc. portrayed in the movie had me shuddering.)

    That's it for now.
  9. I haven't seen Psyco, Pet Cemetary or Salems Lot, so I'm trying to decided if I want to check one of these out or my #13, I think I'm going get "The Fourth Kind" tonight"....
  10. 1. It (that freaked me out a lot - even more so than the book!)
    2. The Shining
    3. Friday the 13th (the first one)
    4. The Exorcist
    5. The Ring
    6. Halloween
    7. Nightmare on Elm Street (only because I watched this when I was like 7 years old)
    8. Sixth Sense - I know it's not a horror movie but the atmosphere was creepy
  11. The original Halloween is my all time favorite. The build up with the music, knowing someone is out there lurking and watching has always been more scary than the in your face killing of one person after another to me.
  12. Duece Bigalow
  13. ^^^j/k. Exorcist, and original Halloween.
  14. ^^lol

    Paranormal Activity didn't scare me in the theatre (in fact I found it boring in places and I was really annoyed by all the whining and macho posturing) but it worked on me for weeks afterwards. One night our cats were running around in the hall and one of them hit the bedroom door and slammed it open--I thought I was going to have a heart attack.
  15. I love horror movies and they barely ever actually scare me, but Pet Sematary scared the HELL out of me omg