13 months post op lost sensation

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  1. Had a number of surgeries at Opxxa on April 2nd 2015, including BA (underarm) and rhinoplasty. Underwent 12 hours of surgery.

    13 months down the road, despite consultant's reassurance via we chat, I have lost 100% of sensation in my whole boobs including nipples, and my smell (unless i put the food right up to my nostrils to sniff).

    I don't know what to do. I am a real customer so you can search my posts 14 months ago to verify. I searched real self.com it seems that the chance of recovery is really low.

    Any advice will be much appreciated.
  2. I am sorry to read this. Have you contacted the Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitratiion Agency, the regulator for medical mishaps in Korea. Www.k-medi.or.kr.
  3. Hi MissOrange,

    I have seen posts and threads about how the Arbitration Agency has not been helpful at all. And besides, Opxxa made all patients sign the form that acknowledge the risks of loss of sensation before the surgery.

    Just bad luck. Sigh...